The Anniversary Edition of 10 years – organised by the Chinese Wushu Association was held this week. From our school, one of our students, Dr. Andreea Du (who has trained with Shifu Shi Yan Jun for 3 years) together with Shifu Shi Yan Jun participated. At the seminar were about 1100 students, mostly Chinese and about 15 foreigners from UK, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Australia and Japan.

Andreea participated at the seminar about Mei Hua Quan and Qin Na taught by the Grandmaster Han Jian Zhong, Professor at Beijing Police University, President of Mei Hua Quan Association Beijing, Chinese Wushu Judge (also in the Judge panel for Chinese Wushu Association Duanwei examination) and Chinese Outstanding Figures of World Excellent Man. The seminar consisted of 7h of practice daily and was taught 24 new techniques for Qin Na (Self- Defence), 2 Dan Lian Tao Lu and 2 Taolu (Forms) for Mei Hua Quan. At the end of the seminar Andreea was awarded the certification for “Outstanding Student” by the Grandmaster Han Jian Zhong.

Another important part of the Seminar was the Duanwei Grading for Chinese students.  Shifu Shi Yan Jun, the Headmaster of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy participated in the Duanwei grading, being awarded the 6 Duanwei by the Chinese Wushu Association.

The teachers present at the seminar are some of the best Grandmasters of China such as: Wu Bin which holds 9 Duanwei and he is the coach of the famous Jet Li; Zhao Chang Jun named the Prince of Wushu and played in numerous movies as the lead actor: Wudang, The Sword, The Legend of the Light; Gao Xiao Jun which is the President of Chinese Wushu Association, Li Jie which is the 7th President of Chinese Wushu Association and promoter abroad of the Chinese Wushu; Chen Xiao Wang is the 11th generation of Chen style Tai Ji; Fu Sheng Yuan Tai Ji Grandmaster; Cui Zhong San – Yang Lu Chan lineage for Yang Tai Ji Quan and many more.

The end of the seminar was celebrated on the stage by doing performances and from the Qin Na group were 8 students, one of which being Andreea and they had to demonstrate in front of the Grandmasters the skills they learned in Qin Na (4 techniques). The event was featured on Global Kung Fu Website where you can see photos from the training: 


We are looking forward to next year 11th Edition when the foreign students can participate in the Duanwei grading as well. Our Academy will facilitate its students to take part and grade their skills in Kung Fu.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan