1st Kung Fu Championship was organized by the Hellenic Songshan Wushu Union in Iraklio.  The 1st Kung Fu Championship was the result of the cooperation between China and Greece. The starting point was the cooperation between Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy and Athletic Club Shaolin Wu-Gong.

At the 1st Kung Fu Championship participated about 400 athletes from eight Kung Fu Clubs. The clubs and their masters are presented below:

  1. Athletic Club Shaolin Wu-Gong Iraklio, Athens/ Shifu Konstantinos Mathiopoulos
  2. Athletic Association of Chinese Martial Arts Pyrgos – Shaolin Kung Fu / Shifu Grigorios Stamatopoulos
  3. Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Sports Club Acharnes, Athens / Shifu Konstantinos Athanasiou
  4. Athletic Association of Martial Arts Glyfada – Zen Fighters / Shifu Koukos Giannis
  5. Athletic Association Shaolin Wu Kung – Kung Fu Songshan, Melissia, Athens / Shifu Apostolos Tsevas
  6. Athletic Club Balios, Athens / Shifu Myron Tornesakis
  7. Athletic Club Roi, Athens / Shifu Myron Tornesakis
  8. A.S. Atrapos, Neo Kosmos, Athens/ Shifu Kostas Georgiou

The 1st Kung Fu Championship focused on Taolu and Qing Da. There were about 600 categories and three competition areas. One of the three areas were designated for the Qing Da competition.

The athletes showed excellent skills. There were not only individual performances but team too. For the first time was introduced a new category for Taolu: Meihua Quan. This is a new beginning for Meihua Quan.

At the 1st Kung Fu Championship were invited as Honor guests the following:

  1. The Mayor of the Iraklio City, Mr. Nikou Babalou
  2. The President of Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation, Mr. Lampros Stamoulis
  3.  Municipality’s Councilman in charge for the athletic affairs of the city, Mr. Manolis Koutsogiannaki
  4. President of Athletic Club Shaolin Wu Gong, Mr. Vassilis Stefas
  5. Vice-President of Chinese Meihua Quan Association & Vice-President of International Meihua QuanFederation, Mr. Du Wei Jun (aka Shifu Shi Yan Jun)
  6. General Secretary of Meihua Quan Association, China (Foreign Department), Dr. Rhea Du


The 1st Kung Fu Championship ended up with a Kung Fu show.  Students started with a Lion Dance and continued with forms and group performance. The climax of the show was the demonstration of Shifu Yan Jun.

In the end, the Hellenic Songshan Wushu Union kept the medals and trophies ceremony. The 1st Kung Fu Championship was a great success.

We are looking forward to the next years to come for great success in development of Hellenic Kung Fu!

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan