500 Luohan Temple open its doors after many years. The term of Luohan is also known as Arhat. The meaning is of the Luohan is the one who has followed the Eightfold path and achieved deliverance from this earth existence.  The meaning of the term deliverance is liberation. The Luohan is saved for eternity which means he will not be reborn again or be subject to Karma.

Luohans are believed to have supernatural powers. They also have great wisdom and courage. Luohans are the guardians of the Buddha and in the Luohan Temple, just across the Shaolin Temple you can see the all 500 Luohans guarding the Guan Yin Pu Sa.

Based on the old traditions, originally were only 16 Luohans. During the Tang Dynasty were added two more Luohans. The first portraits of the 18th Luohans were painted by the Buddhist monk Guan Xiu in the year of 891 A.D. He was very accomplished in painting, calligraphy and poetry. The legend say that the Luohans appear in his dream and request him to pain them.

In the first day of reopening the Temple, the students and masters were invited to visit the Luohan Temple. In the Temple are life size 500 statues of Luohans painted in gold. Each statue represents an activity or an aspect of the Luohan life and accomplishment.

After visit, Shifu Yanjun kept the graduation ceremony in the courtyard of the Temple. It is the destiny which brought us together here in the Shaolin Temple. We say good buy to Andi (UK), Tiphaine (France), Sasha, Vlad (Russia) and Oleksandr (Ukraine) and we hope one day our path will cross again! Andi trained with Shifu Yanjun 9 years ago. Sasha and Vlad train in the Academy every summer for the past 3 years.

We wish all the students to be safe and keep on being happy. If you cannot be happy than you must learn learn it like a new habit! Apply the learnings when they go back home and keep improving day by day!


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan