The students of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy together with the masters were invited to participate at the inauguration of the Mei Hua Quan Temple in Hebei Province, Xing Tai Shi, Ho Ma Zhuang village.

At this event were present many personalities from the Kung Fu world and some of the best masters of China. Grandmaster Han Bai Guang, 16th Generation of Mei Hua Quan is the President of Mei Hua Quan in China and is considered the Number one for his Kung Fu skills in Mei Hua Quan. He is the master of Shifu Shi Yan Jun which is 17th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan. Grandmaster Han Jian Zhong is the President of Mei Hua Quan Association Beijing and 17th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan, as well as professor at Beijing Police University and Teacher and Judge for Chinese Wushu Association. Grandmaster Zhang Xi Ling is the Successor of Mei Hua Quan National Non-Material Cultural Heritage, Director of Mei Hua Quan Association, Executive Council Member of Hong Kong Chinese Kung Fu Association and the Deputy Director of the National Martial Arts Association of the USA. Also were present many Calligraphy and Chinese Culture masters, personalities from the local Government, TV and many newspapers.

Some of our students: Jeremy and Alexandre (France), Nikolaj (Denmark) and Andreea (UK) did a presentation of some forms from Mei Hua Quan and demonstrated some techniques of Qin Na. Andreea (UK) which is training in China for almost 3 years did an interview for CCTV and newspapers.

After the ceremony of inauguration of the Temple some of our students were invited at Xingtai University to see some work of art – Calligraphy and received as a gift a piece of calligraphy which was signed by the Grandmaster Han Jian Zhong himself.

This trip was like a shortcut into the Chinese Culture and Mei Hua Quan Heritage. For many of our students was like a change in their learning plan when they were able to understand the real health benefits of this traditional style.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan