My experience surpassed any expectations I had. Im a 38 old man, having had a quite sedentary life, decided to change that realizing the old Shaolin dream. I knew that without previous training I was going to suffer to adapt to the intensive training…Fact is I didn’t suffer, I could adjust on my own phase without hurting myself trying to be where I was not. Of course the first week there was some soreness involved, but the most fantastic part was that every morning I felt like new. Maybe because of the good sleep, maybe the balanced food and even do the high energy of the temple, all helped me push forward and awaken my chi. The learning was not limited to forms, which I learnt…and many, but also Shifu’s emphasis was on the philosophy and state of being that one had to cultivate to practice in the right way, something ones learn can be carried for life! The challenge was intense, but I managed to finish it having my heart full of thankfulness to myself for having taking part, to the 3 shifu’s that teach with fun and patience, they are really freaking amazing, no joke! to Andy who helped along the way to reach and in the daily life…. Made life friends from all over, becamed fit and reduced like 8 kilos… 3 months is very little in a the Kung Fu lifestyle, but surely I had a taste of it and will continue at home. Highly recommended, will come back for sure, and no matter the age, everyone is welcome! And the temple, beyond words… Magical!