First-Ever Shaolin Trainer Certification Program approved by the International Shaolin Wushu Federation & International Meihua Quan Federation.

International Shaolin Wushu Federation & International Meihua Quan Federation is proud to announce the first-ever trainer certification program. Developed by 34th Generation Shaolin warrior monk, Shifu Shi Yanjun and Chief Administrator Shi Yanbo, it is the only program approved, recognized and certified by the official Shaolin International Wushu Federation and International Meihua Quan Federation. 

The flagship program will be exclusively available at the Shaolin Warrior Training Center at the Shaolin Temple Yunnan. 

At a time when the Shaolin name is used frivolously by imitators, we will finally have a trustworthy standard for approving and certifying true students and trainers of the Shaolin style, philosophy, and virtue. 

Applicants are hand-selected based on both ability and character. Meeting the Shaolin Warrior Training Center’s standards of integrity and humanity is as equally important as demonstrating physical skill and strength.

Students will be trained in authentic, traditional Wushu techniques at an internationally renowned level; recognized and approved by the most respected governing bodies in the Martial Arts community. 

However, successful instructors do far more than act as a factory of kicks and punches. They cultivate a culture of wisdom, reflection and kindness through their teaching.  Thus alongside their rigorous physical training, candidates will also be taught to uphold the values and philosophy of the authentic Shaolin Temple as well as exemplify the humility, dignity, and discipline practiced at the Shaolin Temple. In action and attitude, trainees who receive their certifications will leave as proud representatives of true Shaolin Warriors.

The program currently certifies first level associates and certified trainers but will open up to Advanced and Master Level training as the students become eligible.

Participants can choose from three specialization tracks: Shaolin Quan, Meihua Quan or the Intensive which is a combination of both Shaolin & Meihua Quan.  All programs include QiGong training. 

The Shaolin Warrior Training Center is Accepting Applications now for March 2020 Enrollment. 

You can find additional Program details HERE.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan