ANNOUNCING the Shaolin Warrior Training Center HEALTH & LONGEVITY RETREAT

How do you want to live your life?
How do you want to age?

Learn the Chinese secrets of Health & Longevity at our very first 10 day Retreat. 

A total immersion experience, you will sleep, learn, live and eat at the 800 year old temple with the monks and our Shaolin Warrior Training Program (hyperlinked) students. 

Learn & Experience the health benefits of: 

  • Kung Fu
  • Qi Gong: Internal, External and Medical
  • Tai Qi
  • Mei Hua Quan
  • Meditation
  • Yin & Yang of Nutrition
  • Organ Health
  • Acupressure & Moxibustion
  • Chinese Foot Bath Health
  • The Healing Role of Tea


It also includes

  • Overnight Stay at the Hot Mineral Springs
  • Free time to explore the city of the Eternal Spring, Kunming.
  • Dinner with Shifu YanJun
  • The beautiful ancient culture of China
Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan