Shaolin Temple Chengdu

Application Process

You are about to join an elite group of a small percentage of people who have gone beyond their dreams to live the reality of training in the ancient ways of Kung Fu. Many of our students have created lasting connections and friendships from their time with us. We wish you an abundant experience that stays with you for a lifetime.

1. Apply to the Temple

Go to the Application Form page and send us your details.  The Temple will reply to you based on your application.

2. Application Accepted

Upon discussing the goals and expectations, both parties agreed on the travel and training at the Temple.

3. Enrollment Fee

The enrolment fee of USD 200 is charged. It includes booking the place, visa documents for the travel, one set of Shaolin grey uniform, a T-shirt, one pillow and one set of linen.

4. Complete the Forms

You must submit food requirements, arrival & departure, medical clearance, and training goals.

5. Invitation for the Visa

The visa type is discussed based on personal requirements, and then the invitation for the visa is issued and sent via email. 

6. Get Ready

Organise your arrival: specific clothing, VPN, two passport photos, insurance, emergency contact, and damage deposit.

7. Medical Clearance

The student must disclose any potential medical issues. Some medical issues are not acceptable for safety reasons.

8. Travel to the Temple

Get in touch with the Temple for your arrival. Install WeChat and WhatsApp for communication in China. Prepare your tuition funds.

9. Arrive at the Temple

The accommodation is assigned, the tour of the Temple, receive timetable & instructions. Tuition is cleared in full.

All the successful admitted students will receive 

Admission Documents

The Enrolment Pack and Training Manual are comprehensive guides that contain complete details to organise, travel, train, and live in the Temple and China.

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