The international spread of Chinese martial arts (Shaolin Kung Fu, Meihua Quan, Wing Chun, Taiji Quan, Qigong, Sanda Chinese kickboxing, Qin Na and many more) is significant in promoting world sports and cultural exchanges and increasing world peace. Chinese martial arts has a long history, extensiveness and profoundness. It is a gem of traditional Chinese national sports with cultural characteristics such as philosophy, skill, fitness, and entertainment. Kung Fu is a sport with rich connotations, diverse forms, independent systems and multiple social functions. Chinese martial arts, consistent with China’s worldwide image, advocates being soft and strong in combat, wise and pursuing peace.

The international spread of Chinese martial arts requires innovation. Chinese martial arts have been widely spread globally and have become an essential part of world sports culture. However, the global reach of the arts continues to overcome particular difficulties. The internationalization of martial arts enhances the sports and cultural exchanges among countries, the friendship and understanding of people around the world, and improves people’s health. It is also a brilliant pearl of Eastern culture.
Currently, Chinese martial arts are going to the world in the form of excellent national culture.

Official international establishments

Shaolin Temple poland

Shifu Shi Hengyi
masters at shaolin temple chengdu lingkai temple
Shifu Shi Yanjun

Shaolin Temple Poland (波兰少林寺) is the official representative of the Shaolin Temple Yunnan in Poland, operating in the form of Shaolin Temple Poland sp. z o. o., entered into the National Court Register under the number 0000999895. 

The martial arts training is led by Shifu Shi Hengyi (释恒毅), 35th Generation Disciple of Shaolin Warrior Monk and 18th Generation Traditional Heritage of Meihua Quan, a disciple of Shifu Shi Yanjun. The Venerable Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Yunnan, Grandmaster Shi Yanbei, supervises the smooth functioning of the Shaolin Temple Yunnan branch in Poland. 

Shaolin Temple Poland sp. z o. o. conducts Chinese martial arts classes, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Meihua Quan and Qigong, according to the traditional development path of Shaolin Temple Yunnan. In addition, there are also organised cyclical camps and workshops in Poland and worldwide.

Shaolin Temple Poland sp. z o. o., ul. Postępu 13, 02-676 Warszawa
NIP: 5213990472, REGON: 523531971, KRS: 0000999895

Registration court: District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. Share capital: PLN 10,000.00

Phone no. +48 571 031 029; Email: 


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