Lukasz Duszak


Sanda (散打) Sanda (Sanshou or Chinese Kickboxing) is a holistic and full-contact fighting system combining traditional Kung Fu and modern combat methods. The Chinese military developed a multifaceted fighting system, which includes close-range kickboxing with grappling techniques, throws and sweeps. What is Sanda? An integral part of Chinese Martial Arts, Sanda is a modern competitive …

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Taiji Quan

Taiji Quan (太极拳) “A wise man prevents diseases rather than treating them and prevents disorder rather than restoring order.” The concept of taiji quan The word “Tai” (太)means “Supreme”, “Ji” (极) means “Boundary”, and the word “Quan” (拳) means “fist” or “movement”. The term “Taiji Quan” implies a method of movement to cultivate a form …

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