Autism is a complex neuron-behavioral disorder that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. Children with autism have issue when they communicate. This makes it difficult for them to express not only verbally or physically but kinesthetic as well. A  child with autism who is very sensitive may be greatly troubled by sounds, touches, smells, or sights that seem normal to others.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun praised Shifu Apostolos Tsevas for teaching a young student with Autism. Chinese energy points help improving the balance of the child. Teaching Shaolin Kung Fu stances and foot work helps the student to work his inner Yin and outer Yang pressure points on his feet. By doing Kung Fu basics will help him to work both sides of his body. This connects both hemispheres of the brain. Other basic drills such rolls, back fall, jumps will help to break the fear and make them trust their instincts. He showed a great improvement in his motor skills.

The Academy opened in 2014. Athletic Association Shaolin Wu Kung Fu Songshan is a young Academy with about 46 students. It is a member of Hellenic Songshan Wushu Association and Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy.

Young Academy does not mean students are not determined to work hard and succeed.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun went to grade the students. This year was the first grading. Shifu Apostolos Tsevas is a student of Shifu Konstantinos Mathiopoulos since 1999. He has been to China for training several times. His hard work and determination made him to win medals in National and European Championships. He is also certified competitions referee.

Young students graded in Wu Bu Quan. This form it is the basic form from Shaolin Kung Fu.

The form Wu Bu Quan (The 5 Stance Form五步拳contains the five most important stances from Chinese Kung Fu which are:

  1. Gong Bu (弓步), Bow stance
  2. Ma Bu (马步), Horse stance
  3. Xie Bu (斜步), Twist or cross stance
  4. Pu Bu (扑步), Crouch stance
  5. Xu Bu (虚步), Cat stance

In the form there are three hand postures which are:

  1. Quan (), Fist
  2. Zhang (), Palm
  3. Gou Shou (勾手), Hook


The purpose of this form is to create a strong foundation for your Kung Fu, to improve your stances, to achieve whole body coordination and balance control. All the young students were able to recognize the stances when asked.

Older students performed Wu Bu Quan, Lian Huan Quan and 1st Dan Lian Taolu. For older students the grading contained techniques and applications of the forms. 1stDuan Lian Taolu focuses on the applications of the Shaolin fighting system.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun was impressed by the performances of the following students from the young group: Alissa Papandreou, Angelopoulou Dioni-Argiri and Stamatoglou Emmanouil Marios. From the older students Valsamis Alexandros show a lot of power in his forms although he is training for only 10 months.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun wishes to express his gratitude towards Athletic Association Shaolin Wu Kung Fu Songshan and Shifu Apostolos Tsevas for being part of this great experience. He will follow students’ further development.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan