Buddhism Wisdom Questions and Answers

It is a precious surprise to meet Buddha in the reverse journey of life. Golden words nectar is the supreme dharma flavor, moistening the dry hearts of all living beings. However, very deep and subtle righteousness cannot help but let a person have the might, drill the firm sigh with regret. Amid difficulties and perplexity, if the excellent knowledge enlightens you, it is like a light in a dark room for a thousand years, who enters the toom without hesitation, which is the dream of many travelers.
In the process of learning, thinking, and practicing, there are many questions and puzzles. Today we will look at five questions.

Question 1: Is there a quick way to practice?

Answer: There is no shortcut to Buddha Dharma. Cultivation is a bit of effort, which requires hard work and time. The more you want to take the shortcut, the worse you will fall. 

Question 2: How do you view your dependence on the phase of guru?

Answer: It does not matter what phase you observe. The phase is a false phase. It has nothing to do with cultivation. The most important thing is to have wisdom and liberation in your heart. 

Question 3: How can children learn the Dharma? 

Answer: The first premise is not to delay the child’s schoolwork. A diploma is a dream, but it still matters. Buddhism is facing the reality that children will either become a monk or stay at home in the future, and they will have to support themselves at home. The cruel reality is that society cannot survive without a diploma. So let the child go to college first. As for Dharma, you can give the child some good roots and bonds, but do not be too radical, worried, or obsessed with the child. It is not good. Children grow up to a particular stage when they naturally find their direction. Adults cannot use their vision and angle to frame the child’s life. They must respect the child’s free choice.  

Question 4: How to get rid of such habits as greed, anger, delusion, slowness, and suspicion? 

Answer: A person should first understand the Dharma, watch the master’s talks, encourage each other with family, practice a bit. Cultivation comes with time. It takes effort. 

Question 5: Those new to Buddhism and interested in becoming a monk should read first? What do you prepare for?

Answer: The first step is to follow the master talks. Look at the understanding first, and then look in-depth at least three years. The Sutra taught should be read at least twice or three times per day. In the future, no matter whether you become a monk or not, your practice will not go in the wrong direction. At the beginning of the practice, we should not follow the wrong master or wrong understanding. Otherwise, we will go astray. As for whether to become a monk or not, we should calmly consider and decide. 

Amituofo! Shifu Shi Yanjun 

34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk & 

17th Generation Traditional Disciple Meihua Quan

Shifu Shi Yanjun

Shifu Shi Yanjun

Head Coach of the Shaolin Warrior Monks of Shaolin Temple Yunnan. 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk & 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan