Buddhism wisdom with Shifu Shi Yanjun about changing yourself

I will start with a thought I would like you to reflect upon: 

If your life is not going the way you would love it to go, maybe it is better to change yourself. Then, no matter the life you encounter, you can go through life more comfortably.

Clear and organize your mind

Life is straightforward. The problems we encounter in our life are a reflection of the inner mind. A great exercise in organizing and clearing the mind is organizing and cleaning the space around us.
Take a look at the environment where you live in. People who always have a tidy environment around them most likely have a more peaceful life. On the other hand, clutter relates to a difficult path. 

When you feel your life loses its peace, clean your environment. When problems appear, find the solution for them and clean even more. Before you go to bed, ensure your space is clean and tidy. This habit will help you sleep peacefully and waking up having more focus and motivation.

Cleaning the space around you

Let us think about a Buddhist Temple. The monks wake up early in the morning and clean their environment, either their room or the courtyard. The purpose of cleaning is not the cleaning activity itself but what it represents – an active meditative activity for achieving enlightenment. 

The monks have a saying: “Cleaning is not for others but the Buddha. Cleaning the Temple every day, I clean my own heart and mind. When clearing the dust, I make my heart shine. ” 

Cleanliness is not only about mental health and heart, but it represents the pursuit of spirituality. The practice of cleaning is powerful. Clean with care and love.

Scrubbing is a form of therapy through meditation to free ourselves of baggage and attachments. Cleaning alone helps you find your inner peace. Cleaning with others enables you to find in addition your outer peace. 

The practice of scrubbing and cleaning is for everyone, not only the monks. When students join the Shaolin Temple Yunnan, part of their morning timetable is sweeping the Temple’s floor. This activity is not a religious practice but a practice for mental health and a path to enlightenment. This task might appear tedious at first, but shortly you will discover the internal benefits. Change your mind about cleaning from boring to something positive, and your quality of life will improve. 


I will leave you with a thought: When troubles and anxiety disturb your peace, go and clean your space, so your mind gets invigorated, and the things around you are at peace. 

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan