Buddhism wisdom with Shifu Shi Yanjun for a peaceful heart

Being busy makes you lose your heart.

When the time is short, or we often tell ourselves the words: “I have no time, I am so busy!” the scarcity of those words extends to the heart. The heart becomes scarce. When we feel the lack of time anxiety, the mind gets hectic, and the heart cannot keep its peace. 

The real question is: “Are we swamped?” Aren’t we the ones who are pushing ourselves to be in a hurry?” 

Is it not that we are busy because we do not have enough time. We are swamped because there is no room in our hearts. When things get hectic, get up from the bed fifteen minutes earlier. Get that extra time for yourself to stretch the spine, stretch the arms and legs, and breathe deeply. You can use visualization techniques to see how the Qi flows in your body. Visualize the Qi from your environment entering your body with the trees’ strength and the sun’s warmth. 

Furthermore, as you do those tasks, you realize that your mind and heart will naturally settle into stillness. Enjoy your morning routine as you settle into nature. The sounds around you when the day starts, the Buddha’s sounds, can be the catalysts of the new day. And slowly, the space around your mind and heart gets more extensive. Walking up fifteen minutes earlier magically liberates you from swampiness. 

I do not remember you stepping in the same river twice.

Buddhist monks who practice Chan (meditation and Qigong), eat a healthy diet and breathe properly live longer lives. In addition, they have a very regular routine and lifestyle with beneficial influences on their spirituality. Monks usually wake up at 4 am, and the first task they do is to breathe correctly—a walk around the Temple, giving the time for the body to experience the seasons’ changes.
Then the day starts. At 5.30 am, the Buddhist chanting ceremony starts, and at 7 am, there is breakfast. The lunch is at 12 midday and the dinner at 6 pm. However, many monks do not eat dinner.
Every day is the same ritual, but not every day is the same. The morning air changes, the sunlight appears at different times, the wind tells a different story, the color of the sky and the trees, everything is changing. Morning is the best time of the day when you can experience all these changes. It is the reason the monks do mediation early so they can experience those changes in nature. The morning meditation nourishes the mind, heart, and body by breathing the Yang Qi. The secret to a peaceful and long life lies in the health of the lungs, heart, and mind.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan