Chen Taiji Quan Ji Ben Gong Seminar with Shifu Yan Jun.

Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation for North of Greece organized Chen Taiji Quan Ji Ben Gong Seminar.  This Seminar was not possible without the support and participation of Shifu Mathiopoulos Konstantinos which is the representative of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy in Greece.

The President of the Federation is Shifu Chaftikis Konstantinos. Shifu Chaftikis has many years of experience in Chinese Martial Arts, especially Ba Ji Quan and Chang Quan.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught the participants Chen Taiji Quan Ji Ben Gong.  He started the seminar by demonstrating 18 Steps Chen Taiji Quan. This form was created by Grand master Chen Zheng Lei (陈正雷). Grand master Chen is 18th Generation descendant of Chen family and he holds 8 Duanwei from Chinese Wushu Association.

This form is considered a beginners form.

The form consists of 18 steps as follow:

  1. Opening form – Yu Bei Shi 预备式
  2. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar – push, step forward, close up & stamp foot down: Jin Gang Dao Dui 金刚捣碓
  3. Lazy about Tying Coat – circling arms, step crossing wrists, sweep out right arm: Lan Zha Yi 懒扎衣
  4. Six Sealing & Four Closing – ward off, roll back, press / push: Liu Feng Si Bi 六封四闭
  5. Single Whip – make whip, step left, elbow, sweep left arm out: Dan Bian 单鞭
  6. White Crane Spreads Wings – hold up left arm while stepping and turning left.  Cross wrists stepping right, move into empty stance as arms sweep out to spread wings : Bai He Liang Chi 白鹤亮翅
  7. Oblique step – wave to left, turn & push to right: Xie Xing 斜行
  8. Brush Knees – sink, pick up pearl with left hand, diagonal whip: Lou Xi 搂膝
  9. Step with 3 Steps – pick up & right empty stance pushing.  Step left, right & left: Qian Tang Ao Bu 拗步
  10. Hidden Thrust Punch – cover right fist with left arm, elbow back as punch forwards: Yan Shou Hong Chui 掩手纮拳
  11. Pat High Horse – pull back as push out: Gao Tan Ma 高探马
  12. Left kick & Double hand strike – hit out both hands as heel kick left: Zuo Deng Yi Gen 左蹬一跟
  13. Jade Maiden play’s Shuttles – lift hands, stamp/hands hit down. Right heel kick.  Step & twist, right hand high.  Turn 180 right: Yv Nu Chuan Suo 玉女穿梭
  14. Cloud Hands – 3 cloud hands: Yun Shou 云手
  15. Turn & Push, Right Crescent Kick – 180 turn right, kick, roll back low: Zhuan Shen Shuan Bai Lian 转身双摆莲
  16. Head on Blows – double push / hit, roll back high: Dang Tou Pao 当头炮
  17. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar: Jin Gang Dao Dui 金刚捣碓
  18. Finish Form/Close: Shou Shi 收式


As tips for beginners while training: be rooted, keep your center line, keep your elbows low, your back is straight, the knees should be over the feet, while stepping the heal must touch the ground first, be aware of your weight, the hands will not cross the center line, the move is like winding the spring.

Tai Chi exercises regulate all body systems. It helps to improve digestion, respiration and circulation. The movements are performed in a relaxed manner, therefore helps a lot for stress-related disorders. The low-impact nature of the routines improves the condition of bones, joints and muscles without strain whilst encouraging balance, focuses, flexibility and co-ordination to promote health and vitality within the individual.

Tai Chi is recognized by the Chinese Government and many Health Institutes around the world as the form of exercise that offers one of the greatest all-round benefits to health.

Shifu Yan Jun is wishing all the best to the students and the masters which participated at the Seminar. He wishes to express his warm regards to Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation of North of Greece and Shifu Chaftikis Konstantinos for a great experience.

You can read the news from Thessaloniki in Greek : http://kingofthering.gr/index.php/news/66-shaolin-4

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan