Chinese Mandarin and Cultural Context of the Character 广 (Guǎng)

The Chinese character 广 (Guǎng) has the meaning of a shelter built below a cliff. This word can be used in several phrases where the meaning is “wide,” “broad,” or “open,” such as:

  • 广大 (Guǎngdà): immense, huge, vast
  • 广场 (Guǎngchǎng): square
  • 地广人稀 (Dì guǎng rén xī): sparsely populated

The character 广 it is also used in the character formation of other words such as:

  • 床 (Chuáng): bed
  • 店 (Diàn): shop
  • 庙 (Miào): Temple
  • 库 (Kù): warehouse
  • 庄 (Zhuāng): estate

There are some idioms and phrases where the character 广 is used such as:

  • 大庭广众 (Dàtíngguǎngzhòng): Public
  • 广播 (Guǎngbò): Broadcast
  • 广泛 (Guǎngfàn): Widely
  • 广告 (Guǎnggào): Advertise
  • 广结良缘 (Guǎng jié liángyuán): A good relationship
  • 广阔 (Guǎngkuò): Large, vast


Every year on October 1, China National Day 国庆节 (Guóqìngjié) is celebrated with the flag-rising ceremony at 6 am and a military parade in the Tian’anmen Square (天安門廣場, Tiān’ānmén guǎngchǎng). The ceremony is open to the public. However, every first day of the month is celebrated with a flag-rising ceremony.

The national day celebrates the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. In 2021 there are 72 years since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China when Chairman Mao Zedong raised the flag of the Communist Party. The National holiday is celebrated over one week, from the 1st to October 7, called “The Golden Week” 黄金周 (huángjīnzhōu).

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan