Chinese Meihua Quan Association President and  Xingtai University leaders visited our Academy to establish the exchange programs with our Academy.

Early this year, the Headmaster Shifu Shi Yanjun started the official cooperation with Xingtai University. The purpose of this cooperation is to help our students who want to study Mandarin at higher level and to undertake official HSK examination.

In the same time, at Xingtai University our students can study Meihua Quan under the direct guidance of the Grandmaster Zhang Xiling. Students who are interested to become Kung Fu Masters must undertake at least 2 years of intensive Kung Fu practice. At the end of the practice, students can receive formal certification from Chinese Meihua Quan Association, Xingtai University and International Meihua Quan Federation.


The Sports Department of Xingtai University can offer several styles for Kung Fu training. You can opt for one to one tuition or in group. The groups are from 5 to maximum 8 students. Apart of the Kung Fu classes, you can study also Chinese Medicine (acupuncture points and massage). For Teacher certification you must follow the set protocol as follow:

  • 3 months of study for Level 1 (Primary level)
  • 6 months of study for Level 2 (Middle level)
  • 2 years for full Teacher Certification

After each level you must undertake official examination organized the Chinese Meihua Quan Association in cooperation with the International Meihua Quan Federation. The masters which will organize and grade are: Mr. Zhang Xiling and Mr. Du Weijun (aka Shifu Shi Yanjun).

All students interested in following the Kung Fu courses at Xingtai University please contact us directly. The admissions for Kung Fu study are done via our website solely.



The students of the Academy kept a demonstration for the leaders of Xingtai University and Chinese Meihua Quan Association. At the end of the demonstration, Grandmaster Zhang Xiling taught students Qin Na and explained to them how to improve the their forms in Meihua Quan for best longevity benefits.


Grandmaster Zhang expressed his best wishes for the new location of the Academy. Maitreya Happy Buddha Temple will be the center where students can train in a very traditional way in Meihua Quan by using the famous and original Meihua Poles. The new Academy will receive the honor to represent the Chinese Meihua Quan Association in the South of China.

Shifu Shi Yanjun wishes all our students to be happy and to follow their own Kung Fu dreams! 


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan