The Academy organizes Chinese Traditional Medicine Classes. For a period of 17 days, a group of students from USA participated in the Chinese Traditional Medicine Classes. The students which participated in the Chinese Traditional Medicine Classes came from two Universities in Florida, USA.

Jonathan M. Fields, Lauren Seiderman, Ilyas Hamid, Kathryn Kerver, Cynthia-Ann Lee Hayes-Hurst, Audrey Lagares Lama and Rachelle Tetreault  represented the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Lynn M. Mcphearson represented the East West College of Natural Medicine.

Each day students had classes with the monks from the Shaolin Temple. The curriculum offered by the academy consisted of:

  1. Kung Fu and lifestyle : Teacher Shifu Shi Yanjun
  2. Fengshui and the Human body : Teacher Shifu Shi Yanshi
  3. Qigong and Meditation: Teacher Shifu Shi Yanshi
  4. Acupuncture / Gua Sha / Cupping : Teacher Shifu Shi Yanmian
  5. Kung Fu related injuries and trauma: Shifu Shi Yanyi
  6. Meditation Medicine: Grandmaster Shi Yanlin


Many of the classes consisted on theoretical part and hands on experience.


“Shifu Shi Yanjun is one of the best highly skilled instructors and martial artists I have ever met throughout my nearly two decades of training. Shifu Yanmian is a competent and intelligent physician that I would trust with my life. I had the privilege of being treated by him and was very impressed by his expertise and techniques. Shifu Yanyi was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. He embodies everything we should strive for. His presence, smile and life lessons are exactly what most of us need for assurance and realization. Shifu Yanshi aka “Happy Buddha” is a spiritual guide, mentor and friend. His deep understandings of the universe are unparalleled and refreshing. His always there to help and is the kindest soul.” Jonathan M. Fields – Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine

“The support from the instructor of martial arts Shifu Shi Yanjun, translator Susan and coordinator Andi was 5 star. Shifu Shi Yanjun had great instruction on conditioning the body, martial arts and life lessons. Shifu Yanmian Acupuncture was great with info and case studies. Also him demonstrating and hands on approach made the class lively. Shifu Yanyi had great diagnostic approaches and Shifu Yanshi Feng Shui and Qigong course was filled with great information and practical use.” Lynn M. Mcphearson – East West College of Natural Medicine

“Buddhism exist in whole world but we have the destiny with it!”


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan