Mexico Shaolin Kung Fu and Meihua Quan Seminars

Mexico Shaolin Kung Fu and Meihua Quan Seminars, 19-21 October, 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

For the first time in Mexico, Shifu Shi Yanjun, 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan will teach two Seminars. The Seminars are organized by Asociacion She Long De Kung Fu and Professors Francisco Perez Ocana and Victor Hidalgo Torres.

Shifu Shi Yanjun will travel from the Shaolin Temple Yunnan and the Seminar received the blessing of the Venerable Abbot of the Temple, Grandmaster Shi Yanbei. After the completion of the seminar, all the students will receive a formal certification as well as a special certification from the Shaolin Temple Yunnan as well.  The topics of the Shaolin Kung Fu Seminar are: Shaolin Kung Fu Basics, Qi Xing Quan (7 Star Fist) and Yin Shou Gun (Shaolin Staff).

On 21st of October, Shifu Yanjun will teach a seminar in Meihua Quan which received the blessing of Grandmaster Han Baiguang, the Number 1 in China for the Meihua Quan Style. Shifu Yanjun will represent in Mexico the following organizations for Meihua Quan:

  1. Executive President of USA International Meihua Quan Federation
  2. Vice President of China National Intangible Cultural Heritage Plum Blossom Boxing Inheritance Association
  3. Executive Director of China Mei Boxing Association under Chinese Cultural Administration Association (CCAA)

The seminar for Meihua Quan will have formal certifications issued by the International Meihua Quan Federation. During the seminar, Shifu Yanjun will teach the Meihua Quan Basics, the 5 stances of Meihua: Da Shi, Shun Shi, Ao Shi, Xiao Shi and Bai Shi.

Da Shi – Metal (Lungs)
Shun Shi – Water (Kidneys)
Ao Shi – Wood (Liver)
Shiao Shi – Fire (Heart)
Bai Shi – Earth (Stomach)

The first form of Meihua Quan, Wu Shi, is a very good form of rehabilitation practice for practitioners with spine related issues such scoliosis, kyphosis so on. The form is also used for the internal organs health.

Qin Na, the self defense system of Meihua Quan consist of a set of specific grappling and locking exercises used in the military. Apart of the specific movements, are also forms which use these movements.

Apart of the martial aspect, Shifu will also teach about the medical aspect of the Meihua Quan.

How to join us

For more details on the location of the venue and how to attend, please contact directly Asociacion She Long de Kung Fu A.C.

Prof. Francisco Perez Ocana, Phone 55 229 1660

Prof. Victor Hidalgo Torres, Phone 55 6513 0891

Place of the Seminar: Sports Center Xochimilco, Central Gym, Francisco Goitia Corenr 16 de Septiembre, Mexico City, Mexico.

We will be waiting for you to have several days of great training!