Shaolin Temple Yunnan

Shaolin Warrior Program Fees

Before you book your place, please make sure the price payment policies and refunds are clear

The price plan includes several payments

Application Fee

Training & Living Fee

Single Room Fee (*if applicable)
Application Fee

The application and booking fee is 200 USD. In this fee, we include the documents for the visa, such as the invitation letter and supporting documents, the Enrolment Pack (full details on planning and organising your trip) , a Training Manual, one set of Shaolin grey uniform, a Shaolin Temple T-shirt, one new pillow and one new set of linenThe application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

*An additional fee will be required if you request an original invitation letter. 

Training & Living Fee

The Training and living fee includes 7 hours of Kung Fu training, cultural classes (Chinese Culture, Mandarin, and Traditional Chinese Medicine), 3 meals per day (7 days per week), shared accommodation (sharing 4 people in one room with ensuite bathroom), Wi-Fi in designated areas, washing machines, training equipment (*some weapons are not free of charge), and special events (*if applicable).

Daily Fee: 50 USD/ day

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for the best price plan for your trip.

1 Month
990 USD/30 days
2 Months
1900 USD/60 days
3 Months
2730 USD/90 days
4 Months
3480 USD/120 days
5 Months
4150 USD/150 days
6 Months
4740 USD/180 days
7 Months
5250 USD/210 days
8 Months
5680 USD/240 days
9 Months
6030 USD/270 days
10 Months
6300 USD/300 days
11 Months
6490 USD/330 days
12 Months
6600 USD/360 days

We strongly suggest you choose a payment plan that suits your needs best. If unsure, you can train for several months and then pay monthly. In this case, the discounted rate does not apply, and you will be charged the monthly or daily rate. If you leave earlier than the period booked, ensure you return within six months to finish your study period; otherwise, the training period will be lost. Returning students will not be charged the application fee. There are no discounts for consecutive training years. However, if you wish to train for multiple years, please let us know so we can discuss your options. 
All the payments for training and living are final. So, you won’t be refunded if you leave earlier than the scheduled training period. The Temple does not issue refunds on payments because all the fees go to sustain the temple life. Shifu Yanjun wants to work with serious students who arrive to improve their lifestyle and achieve the highest level of Kung Fu.
If you arrive for a Kung Fu holiday, please inform the Temple team so you’ll be assigned a different training plan.

Single Room Fee

Single rooms require an additional fee of 10 USD/day. Single Rooms are non-refundable, non-transferable, and can not be rescheduled once booked and reserved.  

Payments Option

The application fee is paid via the Stripe link. The training and living fee is paid in cash on arrival (up to 3 months of study) in American Dollars (USD), Chinese Yuan (RMB), Euros or British Pounds (GBP) at the exchange rate of the day. If students train for longer than 3 months, the remaining payment can be via bank transfer or Alipay/ Wechat. 

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