Iron Shirt Hard Qigong training benefits the body and life in different ways. The meaning of Qigong is literally “Life Energy Cultivation”. By practicing Qigong you can coordinate the posture with the movement, breathing and meditation. The purpose of training Qigong is to achieve health and a high spiritual level while training Kung Fu.

The doctrines of Dao, Buddha and Confucius refer to Qigong as a means to achieve the highest human potential by awakening to the human’s true nature. Qigong consists of a set of exercises which coordinate the body, mind and breathing.

Shaolin Hard Qigong demonstrations includes breaking boards, bricks, metal bars s on. This is one of the 72 skills or arts  of Shaolin Kung Fu. The training requires internal training in order to develop the internal Qi in the lower Dantian. Qi flows naturally in the body. A Kung Fu practitioner learns to direct the Qi at will in different parts of the body. This skill requires long hours of practice. During the practice you must learn to control the mind to direct the Qi to a certain part of the body.  The mental focus is vital when strike objects. The practitioner must not be fearful. The power of mind and believe are very important.

We all have Qi inside our body. As we age, the level of Qi decreases. Practicing regularly Qigong we can increase the Qi in the body.

To break objects is the easiest part in Hard Qigong. The most difficult Hard Qigong skill is the Iron Shirt 鐵衫. During this practice you learn to direct your Qi to the skin. You gradually learn to transform your body into an iron by locking the energy in the tissues.

The mental focus combined with the discipline are vital for mastering the skill.

The overall benefits of practicing this skill are:

  • You learn to manage your internal environment (strength and protect): fascia (the layer which protects the organ), organs, tendons, ligaments, bones
  • Burn fat
  • Store Qi in the organs
  • Increase circulation (reduce heart workload)
  • Prevent leakage of energy
  • Longevity


To train Iron shirt you must train your physical body, emotional and spiritual. On emotional level you must learn to change the negative energy into a positive one. The most important aspect of the skill is to condense the Qi into a ball and move it through the channels in the body but always return to the lower Dantian.

On spiritual level this skill condenses, strengthen and create more Qi. The purpose is to create the foundation which will prepare the spirit for the life after death.

The three levels of Iron Shirt are:

  1. Internal organs exercises – increase of Qi
  2. “Changing the Tendons” : Tendon exercises – stretch and grow of tendons by using the mind and heart
  3. “Cleansing the Marrow” : Bone structure and increase of bone marrow.


To train in this particular skill in the Academy will require years of dedication. Shifu Yan Jun can guide you to start training this skill but you cannot see the results in a short trip.