July 5 2019 | 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

The First Annual

Competition winners

Congratulations to all the competition participants.

Honored Guests

Judges Panel


Wing Chun

Trophy Winner: Philip Hartshorn – USA
Gold Medal: Bastien Daubian – France
Silver Medal: Cheah Tech Chow – Malaysia
Bronze Medal: Daniel Willis – Australia

Meihua Quan

Trophy Winner: An Vi Quoc Nguyen – Denmark
Gold Medal: Mikkel Bello Andreasen – Denmark & Manon Queudot – France
Silver Medal: Spencer Baron – USA
Bronze Medal: Tony Ho Lon Tsang – The Netherlands

Shaolin Quan

Trophy Winner: Karan Bagri – India, Spencer Baron – USA, and Bastien Daubian – France

Gold Medals Empty Fist: Mikkel Bello Andreasen – Denmark, Tiemo Chicerio – Swiss, Manon Queudot – France 

Silver Medals Empty Fist: Dean Galip – Germany, Tony Ho Lon Tsang – The Netherlands, Lukas Duszak – Poland

Bronze Medal Empty Fist: Cody Mecham – USA 

Gold Medal Weapons: Spencer Baron USA, Daniel Willis – Australia

Silver Medal Weapons: Cheah Tech Chow – Malaysia, Holly Kenny – Canada

Group division

Gold Medal: Mikkel Bello Andreasen – Denmark & Tiemo Chicerio – Swiss
Silver Medal: Holly Kenny – Canada & Manon Queudot – France 
Bronze Medal: Janet Liu Jie Jing – Hong Kong & Dean Galip – Germany



Trophy Winner: Karan Bagri – India
Silver Medal: Lukas Duszak – Poland
Bronze Medal: Mikkel Bello Andreasen – Denmark


Trophy Winner: Cheah Tech Chow – Malaysia
Silver Medal: Andrew Shanahan – USA
Bronze Medal: Dean Galip – Germany

Women's Section

Gold Medal: Florence Schoonderwoert – The Netherlands

Taiji Quan

Trophy Winners: Mikkel Bello Andreasen – Denmark & Manon Queudot – France 

Gold Medal Empty Fist: An Vi Quoc Nguyen – Denmark, Tiemo Chicerio – Swiss, Mikkel Bello Andreasen – Denmark, Dean Galip – Germany

Gold Medal Weapon: Holly Kenny – Canada

Silver Medal Empty Fist: Bastien Daubian – France & Cody Mecham – USA 

Bronze Medal: Dierdre Ragin – USA, Tony Ho Lon Tsang – The Netherlands

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International Shaolin Wushu Competition. 

On the 5th of July 2019, Shaolin Temple Yunnan and The International Shaolin Wushu Federation held its First Annual International Shaolin Wushu Competition.

Under the authority granted by Federation President, the Venerable Abbot Grandmaster Shi Yanbei, competitors representing 16 countries competed in 10 categories.

Master of Ceremonies

Andrew Shanahan, USA

Honored Guests

Venerable Abbot
Grandmaster Shi Yanbei
Federation President
The Monks & Nuns of
Shaolin Temple Yunnan
VIP Guests

Judges panel

Shifu Shi Yanjun
Head Judge
Shifu Shi Yanning
Shifu Shi Yanpeng

categories of competition

Empty Fist Forms & Weapons in:
Shaolin Kung Fu
Wing Chun
Meihua Quan
Sanda Boxing in:
60+kg Class
70+kg Class

Countries Represented

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