Jamie Geraghty is the owner of The Cult Calisthenics from Ireland. Over the last month he has been training together with Shifu Shi Yan Jun in Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy located inside the Shaolin Temple. His journey here was not only to learn about Kung Fu and new skills but how to incorporate these skills into his routines.

Jamie is a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer with more than 5 years of experience in fitness industry.

He wrote us: “My time here has been amazing and I would definitely recommend this to anybody. It is a life changing experience. I have learned a huge amount during my time here. I have learned how I can improve my own Kung Fu training as well as how to become a better instructor myself”.

Jamie’s dream is to help others to realize their true potential through training Calisthenics. Being a qualified Level 1 strength and conditioning coach he aims to use this skills to inspire others. He strongly believes in training well, having healthy eating habits and he wants to motivate others to achieve their true potential.

About his training with Shifu Shi Yan Jun he wrote: “Shifu teaches you a lot, not just how to become better at Kung Fu, but how to become a better person in general. Shifu has had a huge impact on me and I know I will return home a better person because of him. “

After his return in Ireland he give an interview to the Irish Daily Star. If anybody wants to read more about Jamie’s story and his time at Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy they can check his website at: www.thecultcalisthenics.com

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan