Meihua Quan



Meihua Quan (Plum Blossom Boxing) is the ancestor of all the Chinese martial arts and is practically unknown in the western culture. The practitioners kept it secret because they wanted to preserve thousands of years of the old culture, hilosophical and practical knowledge.

To study Meihua Quan is like taking a short-cut in the study of traditional Chinese Culture. There are several secret manuscripts for Meihua Quan which includes philosophy, Feng Shui and medicine (techniques and methods to improve health and prolong life).

Learn this Kung Fu Style and many more in the SHAOLIN WARRIOR PROGRAM

Through a combination of several Kung Fu styles as well as incorporated Chinese Culture classes, the Shaolin Warrior Program is a training experience like no other in the world.

Training Plan


Shifu Shi Yanjun belongs to the following Meihua Quan organizations.

  1. Executive President of International Meihua Quan Federation, USA
  2. Vice – President of Chinese Meihua Quan Association
  3. Executive Director of Mei Boxing Association under the China Cultural Administration Association

On 5th of March, 2007, in the Houmazhuang Village, Pingxiang County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, Meihua Quan was awarded the Certificate of the INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE in China. At this event participated successors and disciples from many provinces: Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu as well as from Taiwan and USA.


The most important part of the training in Meihua Quan are the BASICS training. They represent the foundation of your STANCES and FORMS(TAOLU). Only a student with strong basics will be able to develop his KUNG FU at the HIGHEST level. In Meihua Quan there are five stances, each have a correspondence with an element from the 5 Elements Theory.


The Forms in Kung Fu mean a set of movements. Forms can be performed with empty hand called Fist Forms (Combat Skills 拳 / Quán) or with Weapons. The Meihua Quan Forms contain the five stances (Djuang-Bu) called also active meditation and a combination of movements between the stances.

Each stance corresponds to a certain element and internal organ of the certain organ meridian. For example the stance Da Shi (big stance), corresponds to the element Metal and the organ Lungs. The meridian afferent is the meridian of the lungs (LU) which has 12 acupoints. From Chinese Medicine point of view, if you wish to strengthen the lungs, you should eat white colored food and surround yourself with white color things and wear white. The forms in Meihua Quan follow the principle of Yin and Yang training, movements alternating with static stances.


The 18 usual weapons of Meihua are: rope dart (绳镖/ Shéng biāo), double tiger hook swords (双钩 / Shuānggōu), double hammers (双锤/ Shuāng chuí), battle axe (鈇/ Fū), snake halberd (蛇界 / Shé jiè), gwan dao(关刀 / Guān dāo), twin broadswords (双刀 / Shuāng dāo), double edged sword (剑/ Jiàn), Chinese spear 枪 / Qiāng), three section chain whip (九节鞭 / Jiǔ jié biān), double daggers (匕首; Bǐ shǒu), double crutches (双拐 / Shuāng guǎi), monk’s spade (月牙铲/ Yuèyá chǎn), staff (棍 /Gùn), tiger fork (叉; Chā), rattan shield (藤牌; Téngpái), single butterfly sword (刀 / Dāo) and three section staff (三节棍 / Sānjié gùn).


You will develop your technique through gradual progression. In the same time your body must become stronger. This is the first step in order to be able to apply a good technique. You will improve if you practice the techniques in the same time with developing your body by doing FLEXIBILITY exercises (stretching and power stretching), ENDURANCE training, STRENGTH and POWER training.


Applications always follow the techniques. You must prepare your mind in the same time. In the class we explain the APPLICATIONS for each move in the form, no matter if is for fist forms or with weapons. Only by understanding the applications you can improve your forms to a higher level.


Duilian means when you practice the forms in pairs so you can perform it as a COMBAT form. Each form can be practiced in pairs. You can learn to perform in pairs the Fist Forms or forms with weapons. Some advanced students can learn to perform Duilian using different weapons.


Meihua Quan aims to train the body and mind, improve the ability to attack and defense, improve health, develop compassion, inspirational thought and wisdom. Training the body and mind has advantages such as healing illnesses, make a stronger body, prolong life, broaden the mind, develop discipline, induce a state of well being , improve internal and external Qi.

Training in attack and defense techniques are unique for Meihua Quan in comparison with other schools of boxing and consists of a combination of grabbing, locking, tumbling and boxing used in actual combat.


We teach the Cultural Aspect of Meihua Quan which includes philosophy, health, healing, alchemy, meditation, longevity, ancestor and divination. All these theories contain a holistic theory derived from Daoism, Buddhist, Confucianism and principles of ‘The book of Change’ , trains the spirit (Shen), the Qi and cultivates the heart.


The practice of Meihua Quan is very traditional and uses plum stakes. During the exercise , the movements are required to be energetic, uplifted, quick to react, flexible and to have a full concentration. Meihua Quan stakes are a tool for practicing a higher level of the essential skills. The stakes heights depend on the level achieved by the practitioner: Basic (93 cm), intermediate (110 cm) and advanced (119 cm) skills. The diameter depends on the practitioner foot but should not be wider than the foot (10 cm) and the distance between stakes should not be wider than one step. The practice on the stakes improves flexibility, courage, skills of controlling the body, the footwork is fundamental, and the angles of the movements are the basics, eye movement, stance, body movement and develops a high level of focus.


When you join, the level of your skill will be assess during practice time and your class will be decided based on this. We have classes for ADVANCED, INTERMEDIATE and BEGINNERS students in MEIHUA QUAN. We also run classes for COACHES and ASSISTANT COACHES. During your training time you can
be moved between these classes based on your OWN progress.

INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED students which train for short term, can train only on the main goals for their trip. The same is for COACHES and ASSISTANT COACHES.