Qin Na means hold and grip in order to lock the joint. In translation Qin means to catch and Na means to hold and control. It is a fighting (self – defense) technique where you can use a holding and gripping sequence to annihilate the attacker from further attack without producing unnecessary harm.

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Qin Na it isn’t an aggressive self-defense technique. It is considered being a compassionate fighting style because will not create a severe damage to the attacker, will just put the out of action temporarily. The attacker can seek medical help from non-conventional doctors such as Kung Fu or Qi Gong masters which can restore their health. The difference between holding-locking techniques and Qin Na is the real combat where your opponent will not be able to continue the fight.

Qin Na injuries consists of damaging tendons and joints, gripping vital points, blocking meridians and energy flow. There are four categories of techniques specific to the particular jobs such as: Fen Jin (separating the muscle), Cuo Cu (misplace the bones), Bi Qi (stop the breath) and Dian Xue (attack of the vital points). Dian Xue as technique is considered very dangerous when used by an inexperienced or unscrupulous student.


We teach the famous 72 Shaolin Qin Na techniques. Qin Na techniques are excellent for close in and grappling range and will round out your fighting skills. Since fighting occurs at long, medium, close and grappling range, a fighter needs to be well versed in all these aspects so as to not have any loopholes an opponent can take advantage of. The effective application of Qin Na techniques requires repeated practice with different partners and a thorough knowledge of the human muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. It is this knowledge that allows for the efficient application of techniques without relying on brute force. The effective application of Qin Na techniques causes severe pain, and pain is a great lever for controlling an adversary. Qin Na is considered a high level martial art since one is able to bring the opponent under control without seriously incapacitating him.

NOTES: Learn to relax your body and mind. Wear light clothing and comfortable exercise shoes. Always follow the instructions of the masters as closely as possible. The last but not least: Qin Na is a lot of fun!