What exactly means Kung Fu brother? At the very first line up you will be introduced to the word : Kung Fu Brother. Everybody knows that a brother is a member of a family. Our international family has students from many countries. No matter the gender, race, religious believes or previous lifestyle, you will become a kung fu brother or sister.

One year ago, in October 21st, the Academy had a new young student from USA. His name is Jonathan Lopez. During the year Jonathan demonstrated to all of us what outstanding means. In a Kung Fu Academy everybody expects to be measured only the Kung Fu progress but if you do only this, you will be so far away from the real meaning of Kung Fu.

Shifu Yanjun teaches us everyday: Kung Fu means life and Kung Fu comes from lifeEverything is Kung Fu: since you wake up in the morning, the way you eat and talk, the presence in the group, the way you take responsibility of everyday and your own life, how you walk and even the time you go to bed.

We cannot thank Jonathan enough for his hard work and for what he also taught us during the year.



‘I have had a great time in the Shaolin Temple. I have met many people from around the world and have had the privilege of learning under Shifu Shi Yan Jun.  At first it took me a while to get used to the training and the accommodations but after about a week it wasn’t too hard.

I really like how Shifu has a very nice daily schedule for the training of the students and the different things that he has the students learn and do.  He is a very good Teacher and is one that really cares about the students and the individual goals that they have in mind.

I enjoyed the food and the hard work of the Chefs. I know they work hard to provide a nice and healthy selection of food for all the students to enjoy.

Everyone works together to help each-other and support each-other and this makes for a very positive learning environment for people of all ages and different backgrounds regardless of experience or lack of.

It has been an experience I will never forget and I am grateful for everything I have learned in the one year that I was training at the Songshan Shaolin Wushu Academy.  I highly recommend it to other people to try it out for themselves and to take part of this amazing and humbling journey. ‘



It takes hard work and determination to become good in both Kung Fu and lifestyle. Jonathan is there when you need help. He is not only helping the school by following all the rules but he is helping naturally everyone. He is kind and his heart is big.

Jonathan practice Buddhism mindset although he is not Buddhist. This demonstrates that in every religion people follow the same principles: to be good and do good! During my career as Headmaster I have taught many students from all walks of life. Jonathan left a deep mark in the Academy and my heart. I would like to thank his mother as well for her outstanding work in raising such a nice young man! Without such care from his home, he will not become the man he is now.

I wish you the very best Jonathan Lopez!


Shifu Shi Yanjun

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan