Kung Fu means helping others – Shifu Shi Yan Jun always tells us! Help others and others will help you. When you keep your heart open and pure you help others with all your heart. This means Kung Fu’ highest purpose! Kung Fu means helping others is what we learn on daily basis in the Academy.

During the weekend, Shifu Yan Jun traveled together with 3 long term students to several cities in order to help Chinese local schools. Zaxos from Cyprus, which recently has been accepted as Shifu Yan Jun disciple, has trained in the Academy for almost 2 years. Alex from USA trains in the Academy for 11 months and will stay another year. Both of them wish to open one day their own Academies. Shi Yan Bo (Dr. Rhea Du) which recently become the disciple of the Venerable Abbot of the Shaolin Temple has been following Shifu Yan Jun for almost 4 years.

The trip started in the city of Changyuan. The students and Shifu Yan Jun visited 3 Chinese schools. Alex and Zaxos taught the kids Kung Fu basics. They demonstrated two Shaolin forms which they learned: Qi Xing Quan and Tong Bei Quan.

The next morning Shifu Yan Jun and Dr. Rhea Du were honor guests for the inauguration of the Chinese school for kids in the city of Changyuan. At the ceremony were invited the President of Chinese Wushu Association Changyuan – Gao Xian Wei , Vice – President of  Chinese Wushu Association Changyuan – Gao Guo Quan and Grand masters Wang Xiang Qin and Wang Xi Feng. The kids from many neighboring school  demonstrated their skills as well as our students Alex and Zaxos.

In the afternoon the delegation were invited to take part to the tea ceremony at the Grand master Han Bai Guang. Grand master Han is the President of International Meihua Quan Association and the National Heritage for Meihua Quna China. Shifu Yan Jun is the Disciple of Grand master Han.

Sunday the students and Shifu Yan Jun visited a Kung Fu school and a kindergarten in Puyang. This school works closely with the Academy in helping our long term students which struggles financially.  Sometimes during the year students from the Academy have the opportunity to travel to local schools in Henan Province and help Chinese schools with teaching English. This is a great opportunity to learn faster Mandarin and to get in touch with the local culture.

The weekend was a great success. Our students have been praised for their Kung Fu skills and high moral standards. The Academy provides lots of opportunities for students to learn not only Kung Fu but also the Kung Fu lifestyle and Buddhist values.


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan