We had the privileged to have as a student Daniel Goaillard from UK. Although he was with us for only 3 weeks, he left a very big impression on all of us! Shortly after his arrival he got himself the nickname of Kung Fu Panda. In the beginning you could think is because of being a bit overweight but shortly after he showed a real talent for Kung Fu! Like the Kung Fu Panda, an warrior in disguise. As Po, our Panda is friendly, kind, energetic, impulsive, good-nature, spunky, innocent, fun-loving, compassionate, smart, lovable, and he never gives up.

His relationship and position with the students is a strong one, being likened to the position of the brother in the Kung Fu family. He cares about the students enormously, and is close with everyone, although his best friend is uncertain. In the school there is a strong connection between students under the slogan: One for all and all for one!

Here is our Kung Fu Panda feedback:

“Coming here was one of the biggest best decisions I have ever made. After just 3 days I could feel total calm. The training is tough but with the support of all of the other students we worked through and improved week on week. I lost 10 kg in 3 weeks!

Andi & the Shifus made this trip the perfect expereicne I will remember forever.

Home is where the heart is, with so much of my heart here the school and Shaolin Temple will always be a home to me. Thank you billions. You have no idea how much this has meant to me. Dan (Panda)”

Recently he posted on Instagram: “Thank you for giving me the best life lessons. You get what you put into life so get up and get your dreams. I am chasing mine now after quitting my job and planning on starting a business and raising money for charities too hopefully! chasing dreams is a hell of a lot more fun than chasing other peoples dreams. Live your life and love everyone around you when you do it people!”

Even the future is uncertain for many of us, is important that we live and cherish every moment we live NOW. This is something no one can take from us. Having Dan in the Academy brought so much joy to all of us! This reminds me of the quote: “There is no secret ingredient!” it’s Dan, Kung Fu Panda.

Thank you for the lessons you taught us during your time spend with us. Amituofo!