Kung Fu show event with the students of the Academy and Chinese students from Yan Chen Kung Fu Academy.

Students from both Kung Fu Academies went in a trip to perform in Puyang. Shifu Yan Jun and Shifu Yan Peng went together with Shi Yan Bo (Dr. Rhea Du from UK), Alex and Jonathan (USA) and Andi (UK). All of the students took part at two separate events. In the evening of 25th of June in the rural area of Puyang took place a big celebration. Andi performed Shaolin Dao form, Jonathan performed Qi Xing Quan and Ba Ji form while Alex performed 18 Chen Tai Ji Quan.

The students from Yan Chen Kung Fu Academy demonstrated their skills: different weapon forms, hard Qigong, Tong Zi Gong skills, acrobatics and animal forms. They demonstrated excellent team work skills, discipline, focus and camaraderie between the team. We have been especially impressed by the fact that even during the meals they will not start eating until everyone was present! It is very rare to see so young students (the youngest 9 years old) to show such respect to their team. This means real Kung Fu team! We would like to congratulate Shifu Yan Chen for his efforts to teach students to be mannered.

The second day in the morning the team went to another local event – the inauguration of the new Kindergarten and Kung Fu school in Puyang. Shifu Shi Yan Jun performed as well. He demonstrate a form and the skills of Iron Shirt. The team was part of the local culture. At the event students saw the Lion Dance on the Meihua Poles as well as the local students dancing, singing and performing instruments.

Students have been very grateful to expereicne the local culture, food and exchange their Kung Fu skills with the Chinese students.

The Academy will do the best to offer our students the best experience in China. We do not offer only Kung Fu classes but we give our students the opportunity to immerse in the authentic Chinese Culture.


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan