March Kung Fu grading  took place at Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy.  This month was the first grading for the year 2016. All students of the Academy participated in the grading. There are students which trained with us for 8 months already but majority of the students are new. They have started the new year in March.

So far, the new students finished the first basic form in Shaolin Kung Fu called Wu Bu Quan. Now they are working on the second form which is Yin Shou Gun or Staff form. Shaolin Curriculum contains Kung Fu basics, Flexibility, Shaolin forms and Shaolin Boxing (Sanda).

The timetable in the Academy follows the principles of Yin and Yang which means balance. Students learn internal styles (Yin): Qigong (Hard and Soft), Taiji and Meditation.  Some students focus on learning Meihua Quan which is a combination of Yin and Yang exercises. This style is great for opening all your body and contains exercises for longevity and vitality. Shaolin is a Yang style.

The grading started with the performance of Shifu Wang which is Shifu Shi Yan Jun Apprentice. He performed double chain form. Shifu Shi Yan Jun performed at the end of the grading session. He did a combination of styles: Shaolin (Drunken), Meihua Quan and Chen Taiji Quan.

Zaxos from Cyprus, the longest training student in the Academy, performed Yin Shou Gun and Da Hong Quan. Jonathan from USA which is second, performed Xiao Hong Quan. They both showed great improvement in speed, power and using the Qi from the lower Dantian.

Rebecca which trained last year with us for 3 months,  now returned to complete a year. She performed Taiji stick and Yang Taiji 24. Her forms showed a great improvement.

All the other students being new to the Academy they performed only one form and many of them showed great skills for the period they trained. Lachlan, which is only 14 years old performed very well.

Many students arrive in the Academy with no previous Martial Arts experience but by the end of their stay they learn many new skills. The most imporntant of all they learn life skills. Life is precious and the days are given to us to be happy. No material things will ever replace the relationships they build with others and within themselves!

Until next month, keep on practicing and improving. Day by day, year by year we all become our best person. Amituofo!

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan