When I arrived at the Temple there was a very warm welcome from Manon and Andy. Thanks a lot. From the first minute I feel comfortable. The place here is very nice and calm. What I really appreciated that there were no prejudices. Suddenly I was part of the Family and the team. Amazing. Thank you for that. So, I felt really happy in the Temple. I could write a long letter to say about Shifus. First: THANK YOU SHIFU SHI YANJUN! I think I cannot grab in words what you taught me from my life from you. And I mean not only about the Kung Fu. You showed me every day to be sincere, to be healthy, to live at the moment. You trained me in willpower. I never saw a person before in my life who is so present with everything. The eyes, the body and the Qi. I always will remember you and see you as a big Teacher for life. Thank you. I really liked the life inside the Temple. The monk woman Heng Wu Shifu is really nice. The dorm was perfect, the shower with hot water nice. Enough space, washing machines, toilets, everything ok. I also would like to thank you that I could let my bike inside the Temple. Thank you, Manon for helping me a lot. Thank you, Andi for the talks and the organization. Thank you Shifu Shi Yanjun for everything. Will miss this place.