Meihua Quan village Hou Ma Zhuang – some students from the Academy which study Meihua Quan went to a weekend trip. During the 2 days travel they visited 2 schools where students are taught Meihua.

The first school greet the students with a show which demonstrates their skills. They demonstrated as well the use of the unusual weapons used in this style. The Headmaster of the school explained to the students the benefits of Meihua and the differences with the other styles. The next morning the students went to visit the Meihua Quan Village Hou Ma Zhuang. There they were greeted by the local village school and masters which performed several forms (individually and groups). The students performed forms with unusual  weapons.

As part of the performing masters was Shifu Shi Yan Jun which is 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. He performed with unusual weapons as well. During afternoon students met the Executive Director of Chinese Meihua Quan Association, Grand master Zhang Xi Ling. One of the students which went to the trip, Matias from Chile, took an interview of the Grand master.

The evening the students were very fortunate to meet Grand master Han Bai Guang, the President of Meihua Quan and considered the Number one in China for this style. Students and the masters dine together.

Sunday, the trip continued with a visit to a local school where students learn Meihua Quan. The overall experience left the students with a deep impression about this amazing style of Chinese Kung Fu. Meihua Quan is not only the oldest Martial Arts in China but it is the most cultural of all other styles. Although many foreign students arrive in China with no knowledge about this style, after they try the first form and the static positions, they understand its benefits for health.

The students which went in the trip were: Dr. Rhea Du (Shi Yan Bo – UK) which is General Secretary for Chinese Meihua Quan Association, Fernando (Australia), Matias (Journalist from Chile – he is doing a documentary about Chinese Martial Arts: Shaolin, Meihua and Taiji) and Michiel (Belgium).

Students wish to express their gratitude to the Headmaster Shi Yan Jun which made possible this trip.

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan