New Year Celebration in Shaolin Temple Yunnan was a great day. Students took part in the preparation of dumplings for offering at the mid night. In the kitchen of the Temple, monks, lay Buddhists, Shifu Yanpeng and some students prepared the composition, the dough and learned how to prepare dumplings.

Monks and lay Buddhists were working all day to prepare the Temple for the new year by cleaning not only the Temple grounds but the Temples Buddhas.

The evening chanting started at 10.30 pm in the Mahayana Hall of Shaolin Temple. Chanting Sutras, burning incenses and giving offerings to the New Year for Health and Safety made the evening magical. The procession of the monks, Buddha followers and students towards the Fa’ding Temple to ring the gong followed. Each person in thew crowd cue to ring the gong three times and pray for the New Year arriving.

At midnight, after the ceremony in Fa’ Ding Temple, more than 100 people eat dumplings and glutinous rice. Students as Disciples of the Shaolin Temple Yunnan serve the people as an act of charity.

We wish for all our students (the ones which were with us, the ones which already have been here and the ones which will train in the future) 2019 to be the BEST YEAR of their life!


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan