Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy Training China, November 2017

Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy arrived to train in China for a period of 1 month together with Shifu Shi Yanjun.  The group consists of different skills level and based on this, they have been assigned a Master for each group. The Indian team arrived under the coordination of their main Master, Shifu Sudheesh K.V. Also as part of the group were the senior masters: Mohandas, Ilyas, Saji,

The first group learned the basics forms of Shaolin Kung Fu: Wu Bu Quan, Lian Huan Quan and Giti Quan under the coordination of Shifu Heng Xue. The group showed a lot of hard work and dedication and they demonstrate a lot of skills.

The second group learned more advanced forms: Wu Xing Ba Fa and Shaolin Dao under the coordination of Shifu Heng Zhan. Students learned the moves very fast but they worked hard to achieve a high level.

Both groups learned also Sanda and Self Defense Techniques (Qin Na).

The third group was the Masters group under the direct coordination of the Headmaster, Shifu Shi Yanjun. They focused on learning several forms not only in Shaolin Kung Fu but also Taiji Quan and Meihua Quan.

This trip had several goals:

  1. Train in Shaolin Kung Fu to achieve a high level of skills under the team coordinated directly by Headmaster Shifu Shi Yanjun.
  2. Train in two different great locations: Shaolin Temple and Maitreya Temple
  3. Experience Chinese Culture traditions: Chinese Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Chinese Traditional Medicine
  4. Direct Affiliation program with the Academy
  5. Implementation of the International Meihua Quan Federation branches in India and UAE
  6. Discipleship for Shaolin and Meihua Quan
  7. Meet with Grandmaster Shi Yanlin and Yanyi for possible cooperation with Shaolin Temple Medical Center via our Academy
  8. Establish further cooperation and exchange programs between China, India and UAE

As part of this cooperation, Shifu Shi Yanjun will travel in January for training the students of Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy.