November grading in Shaolin Temple Yunnan took place on 30th of the month. Students training at the Temple performed the forms and skills they learned during their time in the Temple.

Shifu Yanjun grades the students starting from the grade 7. This month the grades were from 7.9 up to 8.8. All students without exception demonstrated a great improvement.

We would like to mention several students for their performance. Telo (Denmark) was graded with 8.8 for Tong Bei Quan and with 8.7 for the other forms he performed. Cody (USA) achieved 8.6 in the Taiji Fan form. Annabelle (Swiss) achieved 8.6 for Chen Taiji 8 Steps after 1 month of training in the Temple. A special mention will go to our lovely ladies Dierdre (USA) and Lee (New Zealand) which are in the group of 40+ and achieved great results for the Taiji forms 8.5. Roxanne (France) achieved 8.5 in several forms after one month of training. Bastien (France) was able to learn almost 6 forms in one month and he achieved a great result in Wing Chun form. Tony (The Netherlands) demonstrate a great achievement in all his forms performed.

In the afternoon after the grading students and masters celebrated together. Students performed Kung Fu forms they learned or skills they have. Monks also recited Sutras and kept Buddhist speeches to our students.

We hope that the following month students will improve further and achieve their Kung Fu dreams. We are looking forward to the next month celebrations for Christmas and New Year!

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan

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