Problems, problems, problems is the big issue many teens, adults and about everyone face. Shifu Yan Jun once said: where there are no problems, there are no people! Problems, problems, problems can make us stronger, can make us softer or change us altogether.

I believe people and problems arrive in our life to teach us lessons to be learnt. There are no accidents. We are meant to grow. Most of the time is not even about them, is about us and about our own journey. Is about our own choices.

There are people which seem to run into same type of ‘bad’ people and problems all the time. At first glance might seem that these ‘bad’ are there to stop them from growing. If you look better, they are actually arriving in your life over and over again because you did not learn the lesson in the first place.

There is story about a little monk which seemed to run always into problems. He did not know how to deal with them. Out of frustration he went to his master and asked him what he must do. Many times when we tell people what to do, they do not really understand.  The master brought him into the kitchen. He took 3 pans and put inside the same amount of water. Than he boiled the water. He added to each pan different things: an egg, a potato and coffee. After 20 minutes of boiling he stopped the gas and he asked the little monk to tell him what did he learnt.

The little monk did not really understood. You see, the boiling water is like the problems we face in life. We all have problems. The egg, the potato and the coffee can be different type of people which face the problems. The egg is soft and fragile but when is faced with the boiling water (the problem) gets hard and strong! The potato is strong and hard but when boiled becomes soft and mushy. The coffee just become something completely new! When faced with the same problem, each person reacts differently. How do you deal with your own problems? Are you an egg, a potato or coffee?

Kung Fu can help you deal with people and problems you face. Even if you are soft outside you can become stronger. Monks get strong by practicing everyday. They follow a set schedule, they have discipline. Day by day, year by year they condition not only the outside body but the inside body as well.  To train your inside using Meditation, Qigong and Meihua Quan can make you become calmer and achieve your inner peace.

Next time you run into problems think of the little monk story and ask yourself: What am I? What can I do differently? What this problem teaches me? But if you see the same problem again and again this means you did not learn yet your lesson.

Keep on developing your inner world and your outside world will change by itself!


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan