Qigong Ba Duan Jin Seminar with Shifu Yan Jun.

Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation for North of Greece organized Qigong Ba Duan Jin Seminar.  This Seminar was not possible without the support and participation of Shifu Mathiopoulos Konstantinos which is the representative of Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy in Greece.

The President of the Federation is Shifu Chaftikis Konstantinos. Shifu Chaftikis has many years of experience in Chinese Martial Arts, especially Ba Ji Quan and Chang Quan.

Shifu Shi Yan Jun taught the participants Shaolin Ba Duan Jin (少林八段錦). The form is the most common form of Chinese Qigong. The name of the form translates as Eight Section Brocade. This form is recognized by the Chinese Qigong Health Association as a Medical Qigong form.

Ba Duan Jin is one of the oldest exercises which were practiced in the Shaolin Temple by the monks. The ideal is to repeat each more eight times.

The form consists of eight exercises which focus on different Qi meridian and internal organs. Shifu Yan Jun taught the participants the standing form as presented below:

  1. 双手托天理三焦 (Shuāngshǒu tuō tiānlǐ sānjiāo) Both hands support the heaven and regulate Triple Burner
  1. 左右拉弓如射雕 (Zuǒyòu lā gōng rú shè diāo) Left and right draw the bow to shoot the eagle
  1. 调理脾胃须单举 (Tiáolǐ píwèi xū dān jǔ) Single arm rises in order to regulate the spleen and the stomach
  1. 五劳七伤向后瞧 (Wǔ láo qī shāng xiàng hòu qiáo) Look backwards in order to adjust the brain and internal organs
  1. 摇头摆尾去心火 (Yáotóubǎiwěi qù xīn huǒ) Expel inner heat by shaking the head and swing the tail
  1. 双手盘膝固肾腰 (Shuāngshǒu pánxī gù shèn yāo) Strengthen the kidneys, waist and lower back with both hands on the knees
  1. 攥拳怒目增气力 (Zuàn quán nùmù zēng qìlì) Increase your energy and power by having angry eyes and clench your teeth
  1. 背后起点诸病消 (Bèihòu qǐdiǎn zhū bìng xiāo) Lift your heals to shake the body of illness


Shaolin Ba Duan Jin relaxes the muscle and facilitates the blood flow. It is very beneficial for Qi and blood flow. Practicing this form will help your metabolism. The more you practice the form, the healthier you will become. You will increase your immunity as well. For young students is also very beneficial. Helps them to develop focus, become wiser and train their willpower. Adults for middle age have benefits for stress relief. Older practitioners will benefit the most as it will help them be healthy and young inside until old age.

Shifu Yan Jun is wishing all the best to the students and the masters which participated at the Seminar. He wishes to express his warm regards to Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation of North of Greece and Shifu Chaftikis Konstantinos for a great experience.

You can read the news from Thessaloniki in Greek : http://kingofthering.gr/index.php/news/66-shaolin-4

Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan