Qigong versus Meditation class is taught by Shifu Shi Yanshi. He is an expert in Metaphysics, Qigong and Feng Shui for health and longevity.

Shifu Yanshi explains that there are several types of Qi: heaven, earth and underground. The Qi is very important for the human body. We bring inside our body Qi through breathing. This Qi is transformed into energy. Depending on what type of Qi we breathe, we can achieve a superior state of mind.

The Qi is like the bullet and the human body is like a gun. We can use the Qi to massage the internal organs.

The benefits of Qigong are:

  1. Achieve Longevity
  2. Protect the internal organs
  3. Control the breathing

The faster we breathe, the shorter we live. On the other side, the slower the breathing, the longer the lifespan.  For example turtles can live a very long life because they breathe very slowly. To achieve longevity one should learn to control the pulse and try to slow it down to 30 time per minute.

The best way to adjust and control the body’s Qi is to practice Meditation. As you practice Meditation,it is important to open the acupoint Baihui (白会) .

If you can open this particular point, Heavenly Qi will enter your body and you can achieve longevity. It is the body’s Yang natural energy. This is considered the 4th eye, the eye of the aura and it’s pure consciousness of Creation.

In Martial arts is important to be able to lift your Baihui point. If you cannot do this, your Kung Fu will not achieve a high level. By learning to lift this point you can improve your posture, balance and agility.

In the Academy we teach exercises to lift the Baihui acupoint.  Learning these techniques will help you achieve a higher level of Kung Fu.


Dr. Rhea Du

Dr. Rhea Du

International Shaolin Cultural Exchange Ambassador of Shaolin Temple Yunnan