The shifus are all very skilled and attentive to every student’s needs. The program is very diverse – we learn a variety of different styles, including Shaolin, Qigong, Taichi and Meihua. The culture/medicine classes are informative and discussion is encouraged. The training itself is hard, but also very rewarding. I found my body on fire in the first week, but as time went on the training was improved me in ways I could never have imagined. My strength, stamina, flexibility and balance all improved under the shifus’ watchful guidance. I was present during the coronavirus outbreak and I was very impressed by how Yan Jun Shifu made sure to put our safety first. The temple was quickly put into quarantine (despite us being nowhere close to the epicenter of the virus, Wuhan) and we followed strict procedures to keep us all safe from infection. The training was also changed, we focused a lot on softer styles, qigong and taichi specifically to focus more on building chi and improving our immune systems, rather than putting more strain on our immune systems and increasing our susceptibility to disease. Overall, I was incredibly impressed by this place and the overall experience.