Wow the temples were beautiful, such a lovely place to train at. And you live on the temple grounds too. There was an option for a private room but I opted for the dorm and I honestly had no problems with it. The beds were bunk beds and you used the top bunk for your belongings. The rooms opened directly onto the temple grounds so there would be tourists walking around right outside the rooms but we just made sure we padlocked the doors if we weren’t nearby. The temperature was perfect for training, not too hot (although you get quite sweaty!) and not too cold. The timetable is very structured so you fall into the routine very quickly. Even in my 2 weeks I got to experience a lot, I still barely scratched the surface though, so if you are serious about kung fu, stay for longer than 2 weeks! Some of the classes were very tough e.g. hard qigong! But the forms felt great to perform. We also trained in tai chi, self-defence and sanda (kickboxing). If you stayed for longer I expect you could also learn weapons. The two shifus were brilliantly skilled martial artists and kind-hearted! The other students were also very helpful. I truly felt immersed in the Shaolin kung fu experience.