Shaolin Temple Yunnan

A decade of dedication and discovery

Dear Legendary Warriors

As we embark on our journey together, it’s important to remember: “No pain, no gain, no Kung Fu.” Our path is not just about Martial arts; it’s a quest for personal transformation, guided by the wisdom of our struggles and the rich tapestry of life’s changes. This journey is towards becoming better, stronger, and more resilient in every situation. 

Our beloved Shifu Shi Yanjun’s life mirrors the essence of our teachings. Injured in his youth, it was the guidance of a master that set him on the path of Meihua Quan, turning adversity into a stepping stone for greatness. His journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of preserving the ancient wisdom of Kung Fu amidst all adversities. 

Our travels are not just physical transitions but symbolic of our commitment to adapt, improve, and thrive. Each temple and each city on our journey has been a stepping stone, a chapter in the larger story of our growth as martial artists and individuals. From the foundational teachings at the Shaolin Temple to the promising horizons of Xingtai, we have carried forward the legacy of Kung Fu, transforming challenges into opportunities and change into growth. 

A peak into our history

Henan Shaolin Temple School (2010-2017)

Master Certification Program

Yunnan Shaolin Temple School (2017-2023)

Yunnan Province, Kunming Shaolin Temple: Currently under restoration, it symbolizes our collective journey of rebuilding and rejuvenation. Like Kunming, we, too, are in a state of becoming ever-evolving towards something greater.

External Kung Fu (Yang)

Chengdu Shaolin Lingkai Temple School (March - July, 2023)

Chengdu and the University Games: The decision to add the Chengdu Temple to the University Games agenda reminds us that every challenge reflects the vibrancy of youth and is an opportunity to expand our horizons and seek cooperation.

soft qigong and meditation
Kaixin Disciple
kung fu training in china

Huigan Temple School (July - December, 2023)

Shandong Province, Huigan Temple: Once envisioned as a training ground, its difficulties during winter and damage to infrastructure serve as a stark reminder that change is the only constant. While we cannot train within its walls, the spirit of Huigan continues to inspire us to find strength in our roots and wings in our ambitions.

Training in China, Shaolin Temple Yunnan Competition students
Discipleship Program
Huigan Temple

Guilin Winter Retreat School (December, 2023 - April, 2024)


Xingxiang Ancient Town, Xingtai

Hebei Province, Ancient Town Xingxiang, Xingtai: Awarded the distinction for representing Meihua Quan, Xingtai is where the past and future converge. Here, we honour the rich heritage of our art form and embrace the innovations that keep it alive and relevant. Xingtai is our canvas for creating a state-of-the-art cultural ancient town, embodying the values of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, intertwined with the essence of martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine.

Shifu Shi Yanjun receiving the distinction for China National Intangible Heritage

Going to the Roots

Shifu’s decision to take us to the roots of martial arts in Hebei Province, close to a temple and a university where Meihua Quan thrives, is more than a geographical move. It is a return to the essence, an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the purity of our discipline, and a chance to live, learn, and train in an environment that embodies the very soul of our practice.

What Lies Ahead

Our journey ahead is filled with promise. Beyond the ancient town of Xingtai, we will find a new home for meditation, cultural classes, and Meihua Quan practice in a lush park adorned with Meihua trees (plum blossom). Our partnership with an exchange university opens doors to unparalleled facilities and opportunities for growth.

As we navigate these changes together, let us remember that the true essence of Kung Fu lies not in the places we inhabit but in the strength of our spirit, the depth of our resilience, and the bonds we forge as a community.

Shaolin Temple Yunnan Kung Fu Team & China National Intangible Cultural Heritage Xingtai Meihua Quan Inheritance Association

welcomes you in Xingtai, Hebei Province, the birth place of the oldest Chinese martial arts

Outstanding Culture

老骥伏枥,志在千里。 (Lǎojì fúlì, zhì zài qiānlǐ)

An old warhorse in the stable still longs to gallop a thousand miles. You’re never too old to live out a dream. Just because you have aged doesn’t mean you can no longer be the happiest version of yourself.

Taihang Mountain Xingxiang Ancient Town is located in the Taihang Valley of Xingtai. The scenic area is divided into Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, and Qin dynasties cultural characteristics. The ancient town covers a total area of 27 square kilometers. In Opera Square and Cultural Heros Square, one can appreciate the local drama culture of Xingxiang and learn about the deeds of historical heroes. In addition, Xingxiang Culture, Art Street, and Moon Lake Scenic Area present beautiful natural and cultural landscapes.

Xingtai, the oldest city in North China, boasts an impressive history dating back 3500 years. It’s important to note that Xingtai served as a capital city during the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and was the provisional capital of the state of Zhao during the Warring States period. The ceramics production center in Xingtai was unmatched during the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties, with over thirty kiln sites excavated to date. It’s noteworthy that this centre rivalled the famed Yue ware produced in the South and played a crucial role in transitioning from proto-porcelain to proper porcelain.

It’s important to mention that Xingtai was known as Shunde during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, serving as a prefecture in China. Today, Xingtai is a city that continues to exude cultural richness and historical significance.

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