Shaolin Warrior Program

At the Shaolin Temple Yunnan, our passion is Kung Fu.

When you train with us, you aren’t just learning kicks and punches. You’ll learn traditional Kung Fu that involves all the inner and outer qualities of a true Kung Fu warrior. Kung Fu isn’t what you do… it’s what you become.


You won’t find this level of training anywhere else

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried Kung Fu in the past or have never thrown a punch, all skill levels and abilities are welcome to train with us.

We Welcome...

kung fu training at shaolin warrior monks training center


Our Kung Fu program is a great place for you to train and keep your family bond alive!

kung fu study in china for women


Kung Fu isn’t just for men. When you train with us, you’ll strengthen your body while relaxing your mind.

Ages 40+

Train with us and you’ll be happy and healthy, no matter your age. For many, life just starts at 40's!


Kung Fu is a great way for children to gain focus, fast thinking, and improve their productivity at school.

kung fu testimonials

“In my 11 months at the temple, I learned way more than I expected. My Kung Fu of course improved a lot and I also learned about the culture of China and Kung Fu, the spirituality, the discipline, and a lot about myself. I understand now why masters learn Kung Fu all their life…it is not a sport, it is life. Shifu Yan Jun is a really good master. Not only because his Kung Fu is impressive, but because he understands his students. He sees each student in their true nature and helps them improve their Kung Fu and find the true path to happiness.” 

      Alexandre, 18 years old, 1 Year training, France

The Temple Training Experience

kung fu training with monks in shaolin temple

We are the only training center that operates within the walls of an active Chinese Temple. You’ll train, eat, sleep, and meditate alongside the Shaolin Temple monks.

The Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center is open year round (365 days per year). You can join us at anytime, and stay as long as you like.

While you’re here, you’ll learn both internal and external Kung Fu styles.

External Kung Fu are the actual hits, kicks, and physical actions you take against your opponent.

Internal Kung Fu is your ability to receive incoming force and redirect it somewhere else.

Why is this important? Combining these two areas will give you a more traditional, and balanced training experience. You’ll learn all the inner qualities that true Kung Fu warriors possess, not just how to kick and punch.

Training Curriculum

The training plan we offer is based on the principles followed by Bruce Lee who believed that a person should be like water. He incorporated training elements from different styles to create his own fighting style – “The style with no style”.

Shifu Shi Yanjun adds Chinese philosophies and spirituality to the above. This training program is designed to help every person achieve their utmost Heath, and build Martial Arts skills that will serve them for a lifetime. When you learn and practice, you must focus on having the heart and mindset of a champion. 

Martial Arts forms are actually the most rudimentary part of this process. The highest level of ability is achieved when your body is in harmony and your mind can control your Qi. If either component is lacking, you can learn 10,000 forms, and still perform mediocre Kung Fu.

Invest your efforts into the development and coordination of your body and mind, and then consider the various styles. This is the path to achieving your full potential, and there is no time like the present.

Shaolin Kung Fu

This Kung Fu style originated at the Shaolin Temple in Henan. It’s a combination of Chan (meditation and Buddhist studies) and Quan (martial arts) that are based on Buddhist philosophy. You’ll learn basic skills, power skills, and combat skills while training with us.


Also referred to as Shaolin Boxing, Sanda is a Chinese self-defense and combat sport. At the Shaolin Temple, we teach full contact kick-boxing such as; close range, rapid punches and kicks, wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, and even elbow strikes.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a concept-based form of self-defense.  You’ll learn quick arm movements and strong legs to help you defeat your opponent. This is a “soft style” of Kung Fu and is meant to be performed in a relaxed state.

Qin Na (Self-Defense)

Qin Na is a self-defense style of Kung Fu that focuses on joint locks. The focus of this style is to capture or grasp your opponent and take them to the ground.

Meihua Quan

The oldest and most cultural Chinese Kung Fu style is Meiha Quan. The Shaolin Temple, Yunnan, is the only approved center of the International Meihua Quan Federation. You’ll learn a mixture of martial arts, boxing, weapons, and emphasizes the principles and values of traditional Chinese culture.

Taiji Quan

A slow and elegant style, Taiji Quan originated from Taoism, dialectic ideaology, traditional medicine, and physical exercise. As you train, you’ll learn how to attack by accumulating strength, improve flexibility, and develop skills to beat an action by inaction.

Qi Gong

This is another style that includes a physical and mental exercise method. Qi Gong develops your internal Qi and involves specific body movements, breathing adjustments, and relaxing your mind. During your medical Qi Gong lessons, we’ll tap meridian points to increase your health and longevity.

Buddhist Meditation

Meditating is a great way to banish negative thoughts and gain strength from your mind. It’s also a vital part of your training at the Shaolin Temple.

Power Training

Our power training involves toning your muscles and building strength through isolated muscle exercises.

Power Stretching

Stretching is imperative to your Kung Fu training. With daily stretching, you’ll prevent injury and improve your flexibility.


All the jumps and moves you see in Kung Fu aren’t just for show! The Shaolin Temple will teach you how to use your muscles to move, jump, tumble, and fall so that you can take your Kung Fu training one step further.

Temple Duty

This is a non-negotiable aspect of your training at the Shaolin Temple. Your temple duty is an act of service and helps build character.

What You’ll Learn During Training


Kung Fu forms are a series of movements that build upon each other to form one fluid movement. You’ll start by learning basic forms. As you progress through the program, you’ll learn more advanced forms and maneuvers.


While stances are basic, they are also the foundation of your practice. They are your gateway to true Kung Fu prowess. While training at the Shaolin Temple, you’ll learn basic stances such as; Horse Stance, Forward Stance, and Twist Stance.


You’ll learn the correct placement for your wrists and fists…not only to improve your Kung Fu, but also to prevent injury.


Shaolin Kung Fu involves more kicks than any of the other martial arts combined.


Meditation is a time to reflect upon yourself, banish negative thoughts, and strengthen your mind. It’s an important component of your training at the Shaolin Temple.

Weekly Culture Classes

Along with your Kung Fu training, you’ll also have access to our Weekly Culture Classes.

Classes Include:

To truly understand and master Kung Fu, it’s important to understand the culture of China. That’s why we’ve included these culture classes into your weekly training schedule.

You’ll also participate in temple events such as daily Buddhist ceremonies, traditional Chinese tea ceremonies, and more!

click on the button below to view a sample week of training.

*Disclaimer: this is just a sample schedule. Your specific weekly schedule will be determined based on your body quality and fitness level, experience, martial arts skill level, age, and interests.

kung fu practice with shifu shi yanjun


The Shaolin Temple, Yunnan, follows the Duanwei training curriculum. Once your training is complete, you’ll take the official exams from the Chinese Wushu Association, Shaolin Wushu Association, and the Shaolin Wushu Experts Association. Shifu Shi Yanjun is official Judge of the above mentioned Associations. 
You’ll receive a score related to your skill level, and will then receive one or more of these certifications:


Certificate of Training 

Certificates of Achievement / Grading Certificates

Certificates of Completion (Culture Classes)

Certificate of Discipleship

Certificate of Recognition


* Students that stay for 6 months or more will also receive a Grading Booklet which will serve as a detailed account of your grading as you train at the Shaolin Temple.

Shifu Shi Yanjun, a 34th generation warrior monk, is the lead teacher at the Shaolin Temple. Under his guidance, you’ll learn kung fu at your own pace and in your own time.
Shifu believes that when you take a personalized, and well balanced approach to kung fu training, the knowledge and skills you obtain will last you a life-time.
During your training, you’ll be placed in groups with other students enrolled at the Shaolin Temple. The group sizes will vary based on the style of kung fu you’re learning at the time.

To get the best education, one must train with the best.

How To Enroll In The Shaolin Warrior Program

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do is schedule an admissions call. You’ll speak to Andi, Director of Administration & Program Development , about your desired training goals and length of stay. She’ll guide you through enrollment and the Visa process so you’ll be ready for your stay in China.
  2. Next, you’ll need to secure your spot at the Shaolin Temple by paying a non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of $150 USD . This fee includes your Shaolin uniform, T-shirt, and administration fees. If you’re a returning student, this fee will be waived.
  3. You’ll then receive supporting documents for your trip, your invitation letter for your Visa,  Enrollment pack, Training manual, Life in China and the Temple pack. In these documents you will find full details on our rules, regulation and policies regarding your trip, organization, fees and graduation.  
  4. Your entire stay must be paid in full before you arrive at the Shaolin Temple to begin training.


Pricing for the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Training Center varies based on how long you intend to train.

Less than One Month

$50 USD/day

+$150 Enrollment Fee

One Month

$990 USD

+$150 Enrollment Fee

3 Months

$2730 USD

+$150 Enrollment Fee

6 Months

$4740 USD

+$150 Enrollment Fee

12 Months

$7200 USD

+$150 Enrollment Fee

* Before you book your place with the Temple, make sure the price payment policies and refunds are very clear to you. These policies are explained in detail in the Enrollment Pack. The Temple is not responsible if you fail to understand and follow these policies.

*An additional fee of $10 USD per night will be included if you wish to stay in a Limited Single room.

What's Included in the Fee?

  • An official Shaolin Temple uniform and T-shirt
  • Accommodations in our Shared Monk Room
  • 3 meals per day (weekend included)
  • 7 hours of Kung Fu Training per day (weekend excluded)
  • Use of the temple training equipment
  • 4 hours of Chinese Culture Classes per week
  • Daily Buddhist Ceremony
  • Admission to any special Events at the Shaolin Temple
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Linens, bedding, towel, and washing machine access


During your training, you’ll stay on the Temple grounds. You can choose between our shared monk rooms and single monk rooms.

Shared monk rooms will be separated by male and female students. You will not be permitted inside the shared room of the opposite sex.

We also offer single monk rooms. These rooms have limited availability, so if you wish to secure your spot in one of these rooms, you’ll need to book well in advance of your stay. Single Monk Rooms are non-refundable, non-transferable and can not be rescheduled once booked and reserved. No Exceptions. Single monk rooms are not available for unmarried couples.

During your stay, you will also have access to WiFi, a laundry area, two automatic washing machines, and a shared washing facility.

Items such as: bedding, towels, and linens are included in your registration fee. You’ll be responsible for providing your own toiletries, washing powders, extra blankets, etc.

*Room styles may vary

Alternative Accommodations

Alternative Accommodations are available via local hotel at an additional cost. The hotel is in close proximity (about 3 minutes walking distance) to the temple. Please, ask for details during your Admissions Call or e-mail communication. 

Your Dining Experience

All meals will be served in the dining hall with the Shaolin monks. You will be expected to follow their eating habits and etiquette. Meals will occur at set times each day; 7am, 12am, and 6pm. The monks do not talk during meal times, and students will be expected to follow the same observations.

All meals are vegetarian, and can be adapted to different dietary needs and expectations. Please, discuss nutrition restrictions and requirements during your Admissions Call.

Learn More about Chinese Cooking/Buddhist Cuisine & Dining.

“When you eat in silence, you can learn something new from the food.”

“The stay was fantastic. Everything was great here. Shifu and Andi and the rest of staff did a wonderful job making everybody feel welcome.”

Dr. Jonathan M. Fields, USA

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“I needed a big change in my life and decided to pursue Kung Fu in China. I feel fortunate that I got to train with Shifu Shi Yanjun. He is a great teacher and has an awesome personality. During training, he made sure I reached my full potential and the training never got boring. He had a great way of making up new things for the trainings. He would also join in and help motivate us. My stay at the Shaolin Temple went beyond my expectations and I’m already planning my return!” 

                                                               Nikolaj, 6 months training, Denmark

“It was such a great experience coming here. Shifu is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience and yet very humble. I started to feel so fit right after the first day of training itself.”

                                                          Charan Nagesh, 1 month training, India

“The Academy was my very first encounter with martial arts. I have never done any forms of martial arts before, which made my one month of learning Kung Fu very intense and meaningful. Thus, by learning different kung fu techniques, I got to know that my body can [do] much more than I have imagined.”

                                                      Adela Michea, 1 month training, Romania

At the Shaolin Warrior Training Center, we honor the power of Kung Fu and its transformational qualities.
Here, we give you the skills you need to live a healthy, happy, and well-balanced life.

Are you ready to become the master of your own destiny?

Book your Admissions Call now. During the call you’ll discuss your training  goals, the supporting documents you’ll need for your trip to China and much more. Alternatively, send us an email to discuss your goals. 

After the call or email you’ll receive your Enrollment Packet and Timetable; it’s everything you need to get started in preparation for your stay. 

TIME Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30-6:50 (optional) Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony
7:30-8:00 Temple Duty Temple Duty Temple Duty Temple Duty Temple Duty
8:30–11:30 Morning Training Morning Training Morning Training Morning Training Morning Training
11:55 LUNCH
14:30-17:30 Afternoon Training Afternoon Training Afternoon Training Afternoon Training Afternoon Training
17:50 DINNER
19:00-20:00 (optional) Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony Buddhist Ceremony
19:00-19:50 (optional) Mandarin Chinese Culture Mandarin Chinese MEDICINE Meeting
20:00-21:00 Evening Training Evening Training Evening Training Evening Training Free Time
22:00 Rest Time Rest Time Rest Time Rest Time Rest Time

*This is just a sample schedule. Your specific weekly schedule is dependent on the scheduled activities for the time of year, events and weather.