Shifu Shi Yanjun


Of Shifu Shi Yanjun

Director of Martial Arts for the Official Shaolin Temple Yunnan



Teacher Certification from Meihua Quan Association, China

Teacher Certification from Xingtai University of Meihua Quan, China

China Sports Press & Wushu Magazine – Assisting Coach Meihua Quan 12th Chinese Wushu Association to Grandmaster Han Jianzhong


Executive President of International Meihua Quan Federation, USA

Vice President of Chinese Meihua Quan Association

Executive Director of Mei Boxing Association under the China Culture Administration Association (CCAA)

Honorary Member of Hellenic Wushu Federation

Honorary Member of Bei Shaolin Quan Italy


Honorary Award from Hellenic Wushu Federation Greece, Honorary Advisory Council Committee from Italian Chin Woo Athletic Association Italy, Honorary
Golden Dragon Award Italy, Award of Excellence for Martial Skills from Bei Shaolin Quan Italy, Master of the Year 2015 from Chin Woo Martial Arts Hall of Fame
2015 Italy, Honorary Certificate of Recognition from Lost Legacy Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts USA 2017, Certificate of Appreciation from Lost Legacy
Systems Traditional Mixed Martial Arts USA 2018.


Love Kung Fu and Kung Fu will love you back

If you are happy every day, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. To learn Authentic Kung Fu you first must understand Chinese Culture. To start learning is easy, to become a Shifu is a long process. Not many Shifus are good teachers either. To teach you, a Shifu must have a deep understanding not only of the art but of people.

China has many Kung Fu masters but only a few are excellent teachers. To teach Chinese kids is different from teaching foreign students. This is because foreigners have different body type, habits, age, health issues, length of stay in China and mindset. Foreign students get easily bored and distracted. You cannot possibly teach adults like you teach kids. Culture plays an important role in learning great Kung Fu. Without understanding the Chinese Culture, you will never achieve a high standard.

If you teach the students to train hard by being like “dead by the end of the lesson” sort of speak, is very wrong. To deplete the body of power is not the true purpose of Kung Fu. In many schools across China, you will face this issue – it is more like an adaptation for the schools to the foreign mindset. Training hard means to train in a way to develop your internal energy called Qi.


My teaching is based on balanced training, Yin and Yang together. I believe in balance. I believe in daily improvements no matter how little. Kung Fu training
must be adapted to the day and night, seasons, age, body health standard – there are so many aspects to consider!

You must train intelligently in order to preserve your body’s energy for years to come. This way you will increase your lifespan and live a healthy lifestyle. The
fastest improvements from my students come from those who train Yin and Yang way.


Another aspect is what you train in. I personally learned many styles because each style has its own benefits. You have to keep your mind open. Shaolin is good for power, Wing Chun for short range power, Sanda for speed, Tai Ji for flow, Qigong to develop my internal Qi and Ba Gua Zhang for the ability to fight with many opponents. Meihua Quan is the style which opened my body and mind. It is very cultural. Without culture, a person does not amount to much.

If your mind is unsteady, distracted and wavers as a result of emotional disturbance then you will not be able to penetrate the real nature of things. You can achieve a balanced mind through Meditation. At Yunnan Shaolin Temple, Seminars and Workshops around the world, I teach how to train in a balanced way for the fastest and best results. Become powerful from inside out.

Kung Fu training at Shaolin Temple Yunnan includes Warm up, Kung Fu Basics, Power stretching and Flexibility, Acrobatics, Power training and Endurance, Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda & Sparring, Take downs, Wing Chun, Qin Na, Meihua Quan, Ba Gua, Tai Ji, Qigong, Hard Qigong and Meditation. The training is specialized to your own goals and personal needs.


The Teacher only shows you the approach, all the accomplishments
rely on the hard efforts of your own.

To learn Authentic Kung Fu well, someone must be upright, modest, clever and show respect to his masters from the heart. You must learn from each master its
strong points. To achieve a high level of Kung Fu you must develop your own understanding of Kung Fu which comes through practice. Thinking and understanding
the principles this is the key to real Kung Fu.

In Kung Fu a crucial part plays your waist which is like the central axes and the body parts work well coordinated. Pay attention to your daily life and incorporate it in
your Kung Fu. You will ever make progress in your Kung Fu when you combine thinking and practicing together.

The higher the level of Kung Fu the more kind, natural and modest the person will be. Morality is very crucial and should come before learning Kung Fu. Learn
morality and techniques together to achieve the true mindset of an authentic Kung Fu practitioner. Being diligent and having solid Kung Fu basics are the key to
rapid development.

A true master is generous, has a warm heart, is cooperative with other practitioners and devoted to teaching.

Professional virtues are demonstrated on daily life in the Academy in speech and behavior. The master’s techniques are like the high mountains while his morals like
the ocean’s – deep and vast.

Due to these virtues, Shifu Shi Yanjun earned his name in Kung Fu community and the society, praised and respected by many masters and grand masters.



My purpose is to spread Authentic Traditional Kung Fu around the world. Together with Shaolin Temple Yunnan and International Meihua Quan Federation, I intend to help more and more
students to have access to authentic traditions from China.

A big part of this project will be to keep Seminars and Workshops around the world.

2014 Seminars in Greece

2015 Seminars India and Greece

2016 Seminars in Greece

2018 Seminars in USA and Mexico

In 2014 we started our cooperation with SIAS International University in order to facilitate our students to further their education in Chinese Mandarin, Culture and
Chinese Traditional Medicine. In October 1st, 2016 we put the foundation of the International Meihua Quan Federation in the USA. Right now we are creating an online
portal for learning Kung Fu from home. As part of this project, we already published a book called: Meihua Quan – The Oldest Cultural Style of Chinese Martial Arts.

We have projects for helping our students to open their own Kung Fu Academy. We are working together with the Chinese Wushu Association and International Shaolin  Wushu
Federation for professional Duanwei Grading.

I wish you to follow your dreams. If you believe in them, one day they will become a reality. Learn and grow! …and make it with a smile on your face!

Best Wishes,
Shifu Shi Yanjun