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Are you passionate about Kung Fu? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and helping others? These one of a kind programs are the first step in your journey to a fulfilling career as a Kung Fu instructor. Whether you want to teach the fundamentals or at a master level, the SWTC Certification Programs can show you the way.

These comprehensive programs are the only ones approved and recognized by the Shaolin International Wushu Federation

A unique immersive experience, our programs are held on the grounds of the Official Shaolin Temple in Yunnan, China and led by 34th Generation Warrior Monk Shifu Shi Yanjun

Now Accepting Applications

Associate Certified Trainer

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Applications Close: to be announced, Midnight PST

Final Acceptance Date: 

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Applications Close: 

Certified Trainer

Field Program at Temple 

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Certified Trainer Program

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Official Shaolin Warrior Training Center Certification Programs

Character, philosophy, humility, culture & ability. 

Entrance to our official certification programs is by application only and subject to review and approval for acceptance. Applicants are hand selected based on both ability and character. Meeting the Shaolin Warrior Training Center’s standards of integrity and humanity is as equally important as demonstrating physical skill and strength.

Applicants will be trained in authentic, traditional Kung Fu technique at an internationally renowned level; recognized and approved by the most respected governing bodies in the Kung Fu community. However, successful instructors do far more than act as a factory of kicks and punches. They cultivate a culture of wisdom, reflection and kindness through their teaching.  Thus along side their rigorous physical training, candidates will also be taught to uphold the values and philosophy of the Training Center as well as exemplify the humility, dignity and discipline practiced at the Shaolin Temple. In action and attitude, trainees who receive their certifications will leave as proud representatives of true Shaolin Warriors.


During your training, you’ll stay on the Temple grounds. You can choose between our shared monk rooms and single monk rooms.

Shared monk rooms will be separated by male and female students. You will not be permitted inside the shared room of the opposite sex.

Single Monk Rooms. We also offer single monk rooms. These rooms have limited availability, so if you wish to secure your spot in one of these rooms, you’ll need to book well in advance of your stay. Single Monk Rooms are non-refundable, non-transferable and can not be rescheduled once booked and reserved. No Exceptions.

During your stay, you will also have access to WiFi, a laundry area, two automatic washing machines, and a shared washing facility.

Items such as: bedding, towels, and linens are included in your registration fee. You’ll be responsible for providing your own toiletries, washing powders, extra blankets, etc.

kung fu for all ages in china

*Room Styles May Vary

Dining & meals

All meals will be served in the dining hall with the Shaolin monks. You will be expected to follow their eating habits and etiquette. Meals will occur at set times each day; 7am, 12am, and 6pm. The monks do not talk during meal times, and students will be expected to follow the same observations.

All meals are vegetarian, and can be adapted to different dietary needs and expectations.

Temple & Kunming

The Temple complex is located in the city of Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring. Located at the edge of the Lake Dian, Kunming enjoys wonderful weather year round, as its name suggests. The city is surrounded by other local temples, limestone landscapes and lakes.

Inside the temple complex, candidates can experience thousand year old architecture and daily Buddhist monastic culture. They can also participate in Temple events, and get first hand experience in the training methodologies of Master Instructors.

Certification Paths

Prerequisite: Shaolin Warrior Training Program 1 year
(or personal experience equivalent)

Certified Advanced Trainer*
(3 months + 800 hours or 1 year Field Training Prerequisite)

Certified Master Trainer*
(3 months + 800 hours or 1 year Field Training Prerequisite)

*Entry to Certified Advanced Trainer and Certified Master Trainer Programs are by Invitation Only


All SWTC Certification Program candidates must be 18 years of age or older and enter into the Associate level of certification with one of the following training experience requirements.

Shaolin Warrior Program

Completed 1 Year of Shaolin Warrior Training Program (Insert link to Program Page) at the Shaolin Temple Yunnan with a Formal Grading of 4 forms of 9.0 or higher.

Equivalent Training

Those who have not met the Shaolin Warrior Program training and rating requirements above may still apply for entry at the Associate level by providing the following documents at the time of Application. (Please, prepare these documents before beginning application process.)

These items are subject to verification and may be considered cause for disqualification. Falsified information is cause for immediate ban from participation in any SWTC Programs.

Download the Equivalent Training Documentation Submission Guide. This guide includes Accepted Templates and Guidelines for the required documents and demonstration video.

Required Application Documents

CV of Experience

You are required to provide a Curriculum Vitae (CV) containing the following:

  • Certifications and/or Designations
  • Types of Martial Arts Experience
  • Years of Training
  • Name of Training Facility
  • Instructor Name, Contact


Cover Letter

Your Cover Letter should contain a Personal Statement answering the following questions:

  • What are your teaching goals? 
  • Why do you want to train at the Shaolin Temple? 
  • Why are you a good candidate for the Program?


Character Reference Letter

The path to Kung Fu is not one of force and ability but humility and mentality. To join the program, one must display a character in line with the virtues and principles of kindness, health,  perseverance, focus, compassion, leadership and respect. Please include a character reference letter and a 2-3 sentence memo explaining the person’s relationship to you.


Demonstration of Current Level of Ability (via video)

You will be required to submit a link to view or download a video for evaluation by Headmaster Shifu Shi Yan Jun. You are required to perform 4 forms from your training background. Training such as Karate, Judo, MMA, Capoeira, Boxing, and kickboxing are examples of acceptable backgrounds.

*Note: Upon acceptance, you will be required to submit a Medical Clearance from a recognized medical professional affirming your ability to engage in training.


An integral part of all candidate’s acceptance into the Certification Programs is character. We do not look for perfect students; those who exhibit the best martial arts skills, perform well physically or even those who show natural talent for martial arts.

The ideal candidate is malleable and receptive to teaching. He or she shows humility, motivation and perseverance. 

Non-Refundable Application Fee

Non-Refundable $50 Application Fee

We require a $50 application fee in order to delineate those that are truly serious about joining our program. 

Program Acceptance

If you are accepted into the program,  you will be notified within 2 weeks of application submission. 

Once accepted you will be guided on your individual visa process requirements and will be provided with an official invitation letter. 

You will need to complete your enrollment packet which will include your medical clearance, arrival/departure details, and acknowledgment of rules & regulations of the temple. 

You will be provided with a “Daily Life in China and Temple Living” packet to help prepare you for your transition to a new way of living. 

If you are not accepted to the Program, you will be informed of your reasons for denial, and steps you can take for re-application in the future.

Certification Programs

Associate Certified trainer program (3 months)

Prerequisite: 1 year Shaolin Warrior Kung Fu Fundamental Training Program, Grading 9.0 or higher or Application to verify martial arts experience and character.

March 1st,  2020- May 29th

Applications Close: January 15th, Midnight PST

Final Acceptance Date: January 26th

August 31st, 2020-November 27th

Applications Close: June 29th


Our Associate Certified Trainer Program is a 3-month immersion curriculum here at the Shaolin Temple, Yunnan, China.  Living at the temple, fully engaged in the Kung Fu way of life, you will train full time 5 days a week. To represent the Shaolin name, it is pertinent that our trainers are not only skilled in the Shaolin style, but understand the essence of the culture, language and internal components that combine to create a true kung fu leader.

Completion of this program allows Associate Certified Trainers to teach at the Fundamental Skill level, and conduct the appropriate corresponding skill assessment of their students.

Total Cost: $3950
$395 10% non refundable deposit
$1100 before arrival
Rest due on arrival: $2455.00

Accepting Applications Now

Specialization Tracks

Associate Trainers Candidates may select from 3 Specialization Tracks.

  1. Shaolin Kung Fu
  2. Meihua Quan
  3. Intensive – Shaolin Kung Fu + Meihua Quan (additional cost)


Certified Trainer Program (3 months)


  • Associate Trainer Certificate
  • 6 months field experience (at temple or documented hours)

Certified Trainer Program

November 30th-Feb 26th

Field Program at Temple 

June 1st-November 27th


The Certified Trainer Program is the second level immersive certification program available at the Shaolin Warrior Training Center. As with all our programs, the Certified Trainer Program is conducted and must be completed fully at the Training Center. Completion of this training program allows Certified Trainers to teach at the Intermediate Skill level, and conduct the appropriate corresponding skill assessment of their students.

This program includes full-time training 5 days a week in Shaolin Kung Fu and/or Meihua Quan, and culminates in certification in a candidates respective Specialization (or both in the case of those participating in the Intensive Specialization).

Prerequisite Field Training

OFF-SITE Field Training Documentation

Prerequisite 420 Hours of Field Training may be conducted off site (not at temple). Those who elect to fulfill their mandatory training off-site must submit verifiable documentation. Documentation of off-site training hours must be submitted at time of application. Download Documentation Form

Documentation must include:

  • Name of Training Facility/School/Other institution
  • Name of Supervising Staff/Reference (Please include position in organization)
  • Email & Phone Number of Supervising Staff/Reference

Field Training Program at the Temple | 6 Months (840 documented hours) - $4750 (optional)

Requires: Shaolin Temple Assistant Trainer Recognition/Completion

Those that choose to do their field training at the temple will receive a certificate of recognition as a Shaolin Temple Assistant Coach. 

During this time you will continue your training while assuming the role and duties as an assistant coach in our Shaolin Warrior Training Program.

Total Cost: $4950
$495 10% non refundable deposit
$1100 before arrival
Due Upon Arrival: $3355.00

Accepting Applications Now

Specialization Tracks

Certified Trainer Candidates may select from 3 Specialization Tracks.

  1. Shaolin Kung Fu
  2. Meihua Quan
  3. Intensive – Shaolin Kung Fu + Meihua Quan (additional cost)



Please note, that to qualify for Certified Trainer with Intensive Specialization, you must either have completed Associate Certification in both Shaolin Kung Fu AND Meihua Quan Specializations or taken the Intensive Specialization. This qualifies you for ANY Certified Trainer Specialization.

Otherwise, you are qualified to take the Certified Trainer Program in the Specialization you completed in your Associate Certified Trainer Program (either Shaolin Kung Fu or Meihua Quan).


Full Certification Packages

Those interested in completing certification training from Associate Certified to Certified Trainer (total of 1 year of training including field experience) may sign up for one of our Full Certification packages below.


Please note, in the case of Full Certification, you are required to take the Intensive for the Associate Certified Trainer specialization in order to qualify to take the Intensive for Certified Trainer specialization. Taking the Intensive Specialization for Associate Certified Trainer Program also qualifies you for either of the two Single Specialization (Shaolin Kung Fu or Meihua Quan) options for your Certified Trainer Program should you decide to focus solely on one specialization moving forward.

Otherwise, you are qualified to take the Certified Trainer Program in the Specialization you completed in your Associate Certified Trainer Program (either Shaolin Kung Fu OR Meihua Quan).

Full Certification w/Temple Field Training

Full 1-Year Package (2 Certifications + Field Training)

Single Specialization (Shaolin Kung Fu OR Meihua Quan) $12000

Intensive (Shaolin Kung Fu AND Meihua Quan) $14000

Full Certification w/o Temple Field Training

(2 Certifications ONLY)

Single Specialization (Shaolin Kung Fu OR Meihua Quan) – $8950

Intensive (Shaolin Kung Fu AND Meihua Quan) -$10,950

Have Questions?

Our Admissions Department is happy to answer any questions you may have in making your decision to apply for one of our certification programs. Please contact us below.

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