45 Years Old, 4 years of training, UK

Shifu Shi Yan Jun is an expert at not only understanding human behaviour and your personal issues but also in communicating with you, heart to heart. He can read what is in your mind and heart. When I came to China I was obese and 41 years old. No chance I will accomplish much my friends told me! But hey, now after 4 years of training with Shifu Yan Jun, my life has changed. He forces you to step aside from the situation you got yourself into. He does it so carefully but so effectively and you realize that nothing is the way it is for any reason then you created that for yourself. I learned Shaolin forms and their applications, I do splits and I’m very flexible, I participated at Competitions for Tai Chi Quan and won first place twice (competing with Chinese as well) but mostly I am in great shape! Have been on TV shows and give Interviews, I learn to cook healthy Chinese food and I’m fluent in Chinese! I recently had the opportunity to meet one of the legends of Chinese Kung Fu – Sammo Hung, one of my childhood hero. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in Chinese Kung Fu such as: Grandmaster Cai Long Yun which holds 9 Duanwei, Grandmaster Han Bai Guang which is Number one in China for Mei Hua Quan, The Venerable Abbot of the Shaolin Temple, Shi Yong Xin, just to number some. The latest great achievement is that I was offered the position as Deputy Director for the Cultural and Teaching part of Mei Hua Quan for the International Mei Hua Quan Federation! So for me was not only a learning experience. Here you can have an opportunity to have a new change of career and life overall. Shifu’s teachings help me always be at my BEST. I am very grateful for this amazing journey in China.

25 Years Old, 2 months of training, USA 15 years Taekwondo (Black Belt, 4 Duan), 1 year Muay Thai, 4 years gymnastics and parkour

I have trained in other school in China for 3 months and joined Songshan Shaolin for 2 months. After living and breathing Shifu’s mantra of happy Kung Fu, my whole experience in Kung Fu here felt complete. I found Shifu Yan Jun Kung Fu experience very balanced, relevant and complete. My favourite part about his training was likely the fact that no class was ever the same. His variety always kept the students on our toes. And if any person got injured, Shifu would make sure to always take good care of his students, ensuring that we are all happy and healthy at any given time. The training itself was a lot of fun. I personally really liked performing basics and fundamentals, drilling in the same techniques until we got them perfect. Shifu would often yell compliments during training and even sometimes jump into training to get our energy pumping. He was a great leader in that he was ever-present in class (never distracted), always smiling and always feeling out what students really enjoy. Sometimes during a class, if he found the students having fun kicking targets, he would shift the class to jump kick drills. He knows how to make class enjoyable, informative and memorable. My absolute favourite Kung Fu experience is getting one-on-one time with Shifu. For the main fact that he is always smiling makes the training all the worthwhile. His energy is captivating. Even magnetic. My time with him will be cemented with his genuine smile and belief in happy Kung Fu. The Academy is very nice. I was very impressed with the food. The chefs here prepare fresh meals at every meal. The breakfast pancakes were likely my favourite meal every day, along with the freshly prepared hot-porridge. They put a lot of love and energy into making a very well rounded meal for the students and it was all well-received by students and guests. I have to say that the fresh watermelon during lunchtime is the hit item during any mealtime. I appreciate Shifu love of detail for the school including all the plants in the area and making sure it is nice and clean. The Temple is great.

37 Years Old, 17 days of training and study of Chinese Traditional Medicine, USA

My experience was transformational and everything. Best trip ever!!! Shifu Shi Yanjun is one of the best highly skilled instructors and martial artists I have ever met throughout my nearly two decades of training. Shifu Yanmian is a competent and intelligent physician that I would trust with my life. I had the privilege of being treated by him and was very impressed by his expertise and techniques. Shifu Yanyi was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. He embodies everything we should strive for. His presence, smile and life lessons are exactly what most of us need for assurance and realization. Shifu Yanshi aka “Happy Buddha” is a spiritual guide, mentor and friend. His deep understandings of the universe are unparalleled and refreshing. His always there to help and is the kindest soul. The academy is located in the perfect place! Away from the tourists and right on the mountain, yet in walking distance from the Temple and everything else. The hiking is spectacular, the Dengfeng city is a fun visit that is not overwhelming like some big cities. History, culture, art, spirituality, breath-taking views, friendly people and a relatively inexpensive price make for a great adventure!

47 Years Old, 17 days of training and study of Chinese Traditional Medicine, USA

The staff, students, teachers and Academy exceeded my expectation! I thought I would be learning Taiji and Qigong and taking medicine courses but I got the opportunity to learn Kung Fu, staff, Meihua Quna and training was fun. Shifu Yanjun was very good with everyone and pushed us to try everything but knew when we were tired and made sure that we worked to the best of our abilities. The Academy, mountains and temple are beautiful. I enjoyed hiking in the mountains on Fridays and weekends. The food is wonderful. Susan did a good job translating for our medical courses, Andi helped keep us all organized. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn and grow here. All of the Shifus that taught us were very knowledgeable and I wish that we could have had more time here. It has been an amazing experience.

29 Years Old, 17 days of training and study of Chinese Traditional Medicine, USA

The academy exceeded my expectations. The training was and felt authentic. The support from the instructor of martial arts Shifu Shi Yanjun, translator Susan and coordinator Andi was 5 star. Shifu Shi Yanjun had great instruction on conditioning the body, martial arts and life lessons. I didn’t feel like I was being held back in training or baby sat. I felt welcomed on Day 1 and was very able to participate in the activities. The senior students were all friendly and strived for me to train harder. The living conditions are adequate and humbling. The beds are kind of hard so takes some getting used to but all else was fine. Shifu Yanmian Acupuncture was great with info and case studies. Also him demonstrating and hands on approach made the class lively. Shifu Yanyi had great diagnostic approaches and Shifu Yanshi Feng Shui and Qigong course was filled with great information and practical use. The environment was peaceful. No pollution, thanks for the mountains, trees, beautiful scenery, the Temple is authentic and filled with rich history. The villagers are friendly. Thanks you.

58 Years Old, 2 weeks of training, USA

My experience has been very pleasing and welcoming. I have found peace and learned how physically able I can be. I feel that I am part of this Academy family. My training experience with Shifu Shi Yanjun was very professional. I will recommend this training school to everyone. This school is for those who are serious about training. I will continue my training at home. The experiences of the ceremonies and climbing the mountains were so beautiful. It was great to be a part of the local cultures. The Academy was perfect now so any changes will only enhance the experience.

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