24 Years Old, 1 month of training, Israel

The experience at this school was wonderful. To learn Kung Fu it was once in life. I thank to all staff for this support and the assistance in the all-time I have been here. I am glad for that I come here and learned here and would recommend others to come and study here.

28 Years Old, 2 months of training, UK

I stayed for 8 weeks at the academy living in the dormitory. I practiced mainly Shaolin, Sanda and Taiji. I really enjoyed my time here and learned a huge amount. The other students were welcoming, friendly and very supportive and encouraging during training. There is a close family feel and a really nice atmosphere. The food is fresh, healthy and very good for getting you through training. I feel I have a much better understanding of these martial arts now. I have improved my fitness, strength and flexibility, but most importantly, I had a wonderful 2 months. I highly recommend this academy. I have trained with Shifu in the past and wanted to come back and train with him again. He has a very wide knowledge of Kung Fu but also very deep knowledge. He has a very profound understanding of the techniques. As well as this, he is a great teacher and cares greatly about his students.

32 Years Old, 1 month of training, Romania

The Academy was my very first encounter with martial arts. I have never done any forms of martial arts before, which made my one month of learning Kung Fu very intense and meaningful. Thus, by learning different kung fu techniques, I got to know that my body can much more than I have imagined. It was also easy, fun, and fascinating to learn all these, from a Shifu with a remarkable experience and patience to explain over and over again. It is hard to forget the impressions one gets when seeing Shifu executing any Kung Fu forms. Both my self and my colleagues couldn’t get enough of seeing his demonstrations.

20 Years Old, 1 month of training, Ireland

I spent 1 month in the Academy and it was everything I was expecting, had a great time. The training was excellent and well balanced, the food was excellent and everyone was very helpful and welcoming. Shifu Yan Jun was an amazing teacher!! He was strict and precise when teaching as you would expect but also very friendly and understanding. The Academy is in an amazing place, 5 minutes walk from the Shaolin Temple and completely surrounded by an amazing mountain range.

25 Years Old, 1 month of training, India

It was such a great experience coming here. Shifu is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience and yet very humble. I started to feel so fit right after the first day of training itself. I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes, be it Kung Fu training or others classes like Power stretching, Power Training Acrobatics, Sanda, Tai Chi Qi Gong forms or DaMo hiking. I was welcomed with so much warmth by Andi and her motivational support was amazing. The hotel accommodation was good. Susan is a wonderful person and her support in translation was great. And yeah, I’m a born vegan (I don’t even eat egg) and it was really nice of Papa and Mama for catering to my needs. The training schedule is so well made that it includes elements of Strength, Flexibility, Stamina , Internal Energy. Also, the attending the Buddhist ceremony in The Shaolin temple was a beautiful experience. Loved the Chinese Culture and traditional medicine classes. The students here are very friendly and are like family. Overall, it’s a mind, body and soul rejuvenation. Amituofo!

27 Years Old, 3 weeks of training, UK

Coming here was one of the biggest best decisions I have ever made. After just 3 days I could feel total calm. The training is tough but with the support of all of the other students we worked through and improved week on week. I lost 10 kg in 3 weeks! Andi & the Shifus made this trip the perfect expereicne I will remember forever. Home is where the heart is, with so much of my heart here the school and Shaolin Temple will always be a home to me. Thank you billions. You have no idea how much this has meant to me. Dan (Panda)

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