41 Years Old, 3 weeks of training, Germany

The training schedule is very diverse and interesting / inspiring. The daily schedule is perfect I think. Accommodation and food by far exceeded my expectations. I especially value / enjoy that Shifu always emphasizes the ‘mental’ aspect /strength in training. Very family like atmosphere. The location inside the Temple is exceptional experience. My expectations of the Academy were exceeded in every way.

34 Years Old, 5 days of training, USA

The experience at the Academy is an unforgettable one. Everyone is so sweet and loving and encouraging. Shifu’s are so patient, caring and funny. I’ve learned a lot about myself and Kung Fu and Tai Ji in the brief week that was spent there. Shifu Yan Jun is very thorough with his training and techniques. He is tough with conditioning and other training but I understand that it’s just to push us to our full potential. Great! The surroundings is amazing: the mountains, the baby kung fu kids training, Dharma, Temple – all beautiful. Thank you for the best time in China.

28 Years Old, 2 weeks of training, USA

I had an absolutely fantastic time training here. Shifu Yan Jun’s experience and skill are an inspiration to see and learn from. I love his sense of humour that transcends all language barriers, which keeps the class light and fun, which is necessary when our entire bodies are pushed beyond what most of us have ever done in our lives. Having access to the Temple when there are no tourists is also a gem in our training that I believe every student should experience. Thank you for the awesome last 2 weeks and I sincerely hope to be back soon.

49 and 11 years old, 2 weeks of training, Netherlands

We especially came here to have a good father-son bonding experience and that worked out for the best. The fact that Shidu paid attention to Ryan’s figure made me happy. I am sure it will improve from now on. The level of training is quite high but anyone can train on his own level. Though I have to say for an 11 years old like Ryan it is extremely tough but Shifu saw that correct and gave Ryan time to relax as well. The basics of the Academy is one of the strong points. So it should not be changed. Thanks big time!

20 Years Old, 1 month of training, Germany

During my stay I was taught basic Shaolin forms: Wu Bu Quan and Tong Bei Quan, also I learned “24 steps” Taiji and Qigong. Besides this I made great experience with other students from many different countries. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I am really happy to have the opportunity to train with Shifu Yan Jun. His experiences are amazing and he is a good teacher. I learned for example not only the steps in shaolin forms. I could also understand their meaning. Shifu is a really nice and kind person who is everyday happy. To experience that was a great pleasure for me. The training was good for my body and mind. The Academy is located in the mountains. This surrounding gives a nice opportunity of good hiking and culture sightseeing besides the training and real shaolin warrior. I am really happy and thankful for this month at the Songshan Shaolin traditional Wushu Academy.

20 Years Old, 1 month of training, Ireland

From start to finish I enjoyed every single day of my time here in the Academy. All the students were so friendly and helpful, I felt at home right away. The training was tough but very enjoyable and all of the Shifu’s were great. It was really good fun, different every day and every week so I never got tired of it. I really enjoyed Sanda and Qin Na in particular because of how useful they seem to be in real life. The forms were good too and they were really interesting as well. The food was also really really nice. The surroundings of the Academy were absolutely amazing! It really in the perfect setting to learn Kung Fu. The landscape is fantastic and very atmospheric too. I will really miss that lovely view from the top of the mountain on Friday afternoons. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make my time here so memorable.

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