25 Years Old, 1 month of training, USA

My time here at the Academy has been great. The accommodations are better than I expected and both staff and students have been helpful and friendly. All of the Shifu’s have been great, particularly Shifu Yan Jun. it is clear he is an expert and his skill and patience make him a great teacher. The variety of the schedule and the way he adjusts class to fit everyone are great. The surroundings of the school are beautiful – I wish I had spent more time exploring the mountains. And training so close to the Shaolin Temple is a dream come true.

23 Years Old, 1 month of training, USA

Time flies when you are having fun! It also flies when you are working hard, and there is plenty of both at Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy. I greatly enjoyed my month and I wished I could stay longer! The Shifu’s are very good teachers and are willing to train you to your limit, though also are conscious of safety and will ensure you are comfortable during your stay. Along with this, the training environment could not get any better. Being at the heart of the Shaolin Temple is amazing, and the mountains are perfect for nature lovers and people wanting a good exercise or even a panorama. If you are looking for a push towards a healthy lifestyle, want to learn more about Chinese Culture or Kung Fu, or just want to experience an entirely unique and fulfilling experience, the Songshan Academy is perfect for you! I definitely want to come back, with some old friends and to meet new people and perfect my Kung Fu!

25 Years Old, 1 month of training, USA

My experience at the Academy was truly amazing. Shifu Yan Jun is a true expert on how to make hard work into a fun, and joyful activity. I learned so much within one month such as Tong Bei Quan, 18 Chen Tai Ji, Qin Na, Qigong and Sanda. Shifu Yan Jun is not only teaches forms, Sanda and Self Defence, but also teaches how to apply these things in your day to day life which he emphasizes as very important thing. Growing up like doing a lot for martial arts I learned that this is a sign of a true master. The training are is amazing, located in the Shaolin monastery grounds, it is very scenic and all inspiring. It feel like something out of those old legendary Kung Fu movies. I’m sure I’ll be back again.

23 Years Old, 1 month of training, USA

During my stay at the school I learned Tai Ji, Qigong, Sanda, Qin Na and many Gong Fu forms and training techniques. My stay at the academy has been everything I could have hoped for and more. I was never unhappy. Sure the work was hard sometimes, but that’s the point. Shifu Yan Jun is exactly as his title claim: Shifu – a father figure. Patient, kind, understanding, has a great sense of humour and while he does not tolerate laziness he does not make you feel like dirt about it. He always made me WANT to work hard. I never wanted to disappoint him because he deserves better than that. He will always have a place in my heart. The surroundings of the academy is what sets it apart from many other academies and is a fundamental reason why I enjoyed my stay so much. I was and have been very happy that I got to experience China and the art of Kung Fu in such a beautiful place.

28 Years Old, 1 month of training, Norway

I never thought I would learn so much in only 30 days. Everyone here were very friendly all the way from the beginning. When I had to go home earlier than planned because of issues at home, there were no problems getting a refund and everything was very professional. Before I came to China I had heard that the Shifu’s in China could be extremely strict. I was a bit worried about this, but even though Shifu will push you hard to help you reach your goals, expect you to follow rules, train hard and be on time, he is also very understanding and will do his best to make your stay as nice as possible. He also knows when a student needs rest or different kind of training. I’m very pleased with the Shifu. The location of the Temple here in the mountains is perfect when you want to get away from all the noise and stress in the cities. The rooms in the academy are nice and I am very happy that there are western toilets here.

24 Years Old, 1 month of training, Ireland

I have unbelievably enjoyed my time here. From the moment I got here everybody was so welcoming and friendly. I have made some great friends here and lives in a great area which I will never forget. The whole experience had a great impact on my life and I will return home a better person. Shiuf has taught me so much, not just in Kung Fu terms and my own training, but as a teacher. At home I am a Fitness Instructor and Shifu Yan Jun has taught me so much in terms of me becoming a better instructor. He is always very happy and creates a great atmosphere within the group. The way he integrates with the group is fantastic and I learned a lot about that side of learning and how I can improve on that side of things back home. As for my Kung Fu, Shifu taught me a lot. He was always very patient with me which I appreciated very much, that is another great thing about him. The surrounding is amazing, anybody who travels here will leave with a completely different perspective. The area is beautiful and seeing what surrounds you – the mountains, the children training – is inspiring. I would like to thank all Shifu’s, Andi and the cooks for all their help and hard work for making a place like this available.

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