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The principle of Bigu 辟谷?

In traditional health preservation theory, diet is called grain Qi, and the combination of food and vitality (known as inter-kidney Qi) forms true Qi. The flow of true Qi supports the regular operation of life activities. What supports life is true Qi’s vitality, and food plays a stimulating role. Food leaves its “materiality” in the body, which affects the normal flow of true Qi in the body and also brings various desires to people. Physical properties jeopardise the flow of Qi and blood, and it is easy to get diseases to people. Although there is a gap between traditional Chinese medicine and modern medical theory, there is no conflict. The method and theory of Bigu 辟谷 directly contradict modern medical approach. Reality explains everything. Some patients can only drink some water and eat no food for more than ten consecutive days. Not only do they not feel hungry, but their condition improves. Do not deny this method and fact because modern medicine cannot explain it. It is still in development.

Bigu 辟谷 therapy can significantly reduce diet and the impact of “physical properties” on the body, so it has the function of cleansing. In addition, Bigu 辟谷 therapy can stimulate the production of Qi between the kidneys. Therefore, it has a regulatory function and an immune-enhancing function. In ancient times, it was called Tianyizhishui, or vitality.

The principle and effect of Bigu 辟谷

Through modern medical research, the main reason for human ageing and disease is the accumulation and fermentation of faeces in the large intestine, which produces harmful substances and causes chronic poisoning of the human body. Therefore, from the perspective of human health, the wastes in the human body include faeces, urine, sweat, carbon dioxide, etc. Faeces are the most harmful.

The large intestine is specially designed to store faeces. If it cannot be removed completely, it will produce a variety of toxins and become a processing plant for various chronic diseases, which is the source of all diseases. Therefore, to treat ailments, the stomach and intestines must be cleaned first to maintain the body’s internal environment. The inner space is clean to promote the function of various viscera and improve immunity.

Such as heart disease, blood disease, fatty liver, hepatitis B, diabetes, gynaecological disease, rheumatism, hypertension, obesity syndrome, gastrointestinal disease, rhinitis, asthma, silicosis, body oedema, bad breath, etc. Because cancer is not an incurable disease, one can get unexpected results through Bigu 辟谷.

With the increase in the fasting schedule, the number of white blood cells in the body exceeds the normal one or several times to phagocytose pathogenic bacteria and cure intractable diseases and even terminal illnesses. Bigu 辟谷 can systematically improve and regulate the functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, and urinary systems without any toxic side effects – which is beyond the reach of any medicine.

bigu 辟谷 bodybuilding & health

Bigu 辟谷 is a good method for bodybuilding. It fundamentally solves the problem of energy absorption. It enables not only overweight people to lose weight but also makes underweight people gain weight, and the skin is shiny and clean, which plays a two-way adjustment role.

From the perspective of Qigong health preservation and cultivation, cells can be in a state of “starving food and Qi” through regular and irregular fasting. The internal and external air of the human body can travel, resulting in the effect of harmony between man and nature, speeding up cells and external substances. The exchange of energy and capturing nature’s cosmic spiritual energy makes it easier for people to relax, become calm, and develop the brain’s potential and enlightened wisdom. It is a shortcut to improving the level of cultivation. In addition, it can reduce body temperature, slow the number of human pulse beats, delay ageing, and live a long and healthy life.

Bigu 辟谷 can strengthen the brain, improve intelligence, and develop human potential. In addition, it can give people a new outlook on life and the world and a new understanding of the universe and nature. Due to the removal of excess fat and toxins, the body can be cleaned, the stomach regulates and recuperates, and the mind is clarified and sublimated. The temperament can be cultivated, the vision broadened, the life understood, and the truth clearly understood.

jing, qi, shen
bigu's 辟谷 higher meaning

Bigu 辟谷 also has a deeper meaning. It is not pure starvation but has special effects brought about by practice. In this state, the brain is always in a new functional state. Physical energy and potential are fully regulated and exerted, the physical load is reduced, the primordial spirit is fully utilized and exerted, and the functions of brain cells are fully utilized. The communication between man and the natural universe is active, and various information from the outside world is continuously input into the brain, which is the “unity of man and nature”. Therefore, it manifests in flexible limbs, bright eyes, a clear mind, quick thinking, enhanced memory, enhanced understanding, and greatly enhanced willpower and endurance, which can easily inspire and induce various potentials of the human body. At the same time, it also generates thinking and understanding of the true meaning of the universe so that various special thoughts can be generated, and many problems and confusions that cannot be solved under normal conditions can be solved, which will eventually lead to a leap in spiritual power and wisdom, and inspiration will also be generated.

The purpose of Bigu 辟谷 is to clean the interior of the acquired body, to remove the accumulation of toxins caused by overeating, mindless eating (too fat and thick taste, etc.), too little exercise or drugs, etc. The Qi changes from turbid to clear so that the turbid Qi of the grains can be gradually eliminated, and the natural Qi can be incorporated to make the person’s inner highly clean and the outer skin smooth and beautiful. At the same time, it improves the ability of digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhances human vitality, induces the body’s potential functions and innate special qualities, and completes the physical and mental transformation of human beings.

In the state of Bigu 辟谷, people can often go without food for several days, months or even years, but they are full of energy, and their movements are light and quick, which is better than ordinary people. But its mechanism lies in the guidance of persuasion. Bigu 辟谷 needs to be practised together at the same time. As the name suggests, the “serving” of inhalation means eating. Taking Qi is also known as eating Qi, exercising Qi, guiding Qi, breathing Qi, etc. It is the use of human primordial spirit and consciousness and the elements and energy of human life vitality. It is by no means a simple process of taking in and breathing air, but a process. It supplements the human body’s elements and other subtle substances by regulating the internal Qi of the body and mind and absorbing the clear Qi of the natural universe. It is of great significance! Physiological issues involving the complex life mechanism of the human body are also significant issues concerning the exchange and communication of energy and information between the human microcosm and the natural macrocosm to complete life reconstruction.

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