The Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple Yunnan, is located in Kunming, China. Known as the City of Eternal Spring, the weather here is excellent all year long. When you’re not training, you can venture out into the city or you can spend your time inside the Temple grounds.

The Yunnan Shaolin Temple is comprised of four Temples; Mioazhan, Fa’ding, Tuzhu, and Guanyin.

You will be immersed in ancient Chinese architecture and culture that will enhance your training experience. 

Temple History

The Shaolin Temple complex consists of four Temples: Mioazhan, Fa’ding, Tuzhu and Guanyin. Fa’ding is the oldest temple, original construction completed around 756A.D. with renovations during the Guanxu Period of the Qing Dynasty, followed by Tuzhu in 937A.D. and Miaozhan in 1290A.D.

Many areas of the Temple complex are dedicated to deities. The Side Hall and Wing Rooms serve as Buddhist and Taoist shrines to the Goddess of Mercy, God of Fortune and General Yue Fei from the Song Dynasty among others. Tuzhu Temple is the shrine to deity Mahakaya (Da Hei Tian Shen). Jingang Pagoda, in the main square, was built in 1447A.D. to vanquish the local devil Luo Si Guai, and is the oldest of its kind in China.

Those coming to train can experience these as well as many other historically significant architectural features. Students can also participate lively cultural events and daily ceremonies of this active Buddhist temple.

About Kunming

The Temple complex is located in the city of Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring. Located at the edge of the Lake Dian, Kunming enjoys wonderful weather year round, as its name suggests. The city is surrounded by other local temples, limestone landscapes and lakes.


Kunming is also central to Yunnan Province which makes it an ideal location for visiting the exquisite local attractions. 

Yunnan, considered by many to be the most beautiful province in China, is home to sights such as the Hani Rice Terraces, the Wooden City and Snow Mountain in Lijiang, and the Shilin Stone Forest (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Other places of interest include the Luoping Flowers, Red River Area, Pu’er Tea Terraces and Xi’Banna Jungle.

Those in training are encouraged to explore these local wonders during their free time; such interactions can only enrich their stay at the Temple and in China as a whole.

Getting To The Temple

The nearest airport to the Yunnan Shaolin Temple is the Kunming International Airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to the Temple or any destination in the city. 

Kunming is also accessible via the Kunmingnan Railway Station and Kunming Eastern Bus Station.

Kunming International Airport: https://www.kunming-airport.com

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